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The Alpha Chi National Convention was held March 19-21 at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago. Hundreds of students from both the U.S. and internationally gathered to celebrate scholarship, academics, networking, and camaraderie. Five members from Waldorf University attended: Tara Kingland, Shaye Sutherland, Molly Maschka, Jenna Tegtmeyer, and Marisa Donnelly.

Marisa Donnelly, Molly Maschka and Jenna Tegtmeyer were asked to present personal and academic works and Waldorf University junior, Cody Clark, was awarded the Alpha Chi 2015 Region IV Scholarship for his promotional video showcasing senior soccer player, Andrew Larsen.

Senior Marisa Donnelly read poetry during the Music, Movement & Words session.

“It was so wonderful to see the talent of different people and the emotion that was brought into their work,” Donnelly said. “One student did an interpretive dance in which she contorted her body to reflect the misery her character experienced after her lover’s death. Another student read a non-fiction slam poem, expressing her struggle with parasomnia, night terrors and irrational fears she has while sleeping.”

Waldorf University senior, Molly Maschka, also presented at the 2015 Convention. Molly’s non-fiction piece was entitled, “Da’s Girl,” which was a short story from a collection of memoir pieces exploring her childhood relationship with her father.

“I was extremely nervous to the point my hands were shaking. I am normally not a person who likes to present in front of people, but I knew I wanted to get out of my comfort zone,” Maschka said. “Yet, as words started to come out of my mouth, my nerves started to clam down. Presenting wasn’t as bad as I thought. It gave me a huge confidence boost!”

Senior biology major, Jenna Tegtmeyer, presented her poster presentation entitled, “Insights into the Mechanism of Heme Transfer from PhuS to Heme Oxygenase in P. aeruginosa,” showcasing research she compiled in the past year on different forms of bacteria.

This year’s convention was themed around the selected annual service project, “Harmonious Hemispheres: The Nexus of Science and the Arts.” Throughout the year, chapters and schools were asked to raise money for the Art Therapy Connection of Chicago, which as their website states, is a “non-profit organization that provides in-school and after-school art therapy and expressive arts programming for at-risk youth who have little or no access to support.” It was asked that each school collected art supplies and donate at least $50, which Waldorf University contributed as a result of the fundraising events held on campus earlier this year.

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