messy wooden desk with computer and papers

How To Declutter Your Desk

Having an organized workspace is important, if not essential for productivity. Though there have been studies that say messiness leads to creativity, ultimately a dirty desk can be distracting, or even make you look less professional.

Knowing where your items are and having available work areas will not only help you feel prepared, but will reduce stress, as you are focused on your tasks, not your clutter. Whether you’re struggling with a messy desk, overwhelmed by your workload, or just looking for some organization tips, here are ten ways to declutter your desk, with infographics from Quill. Continue reading

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Tips And Products To Help You Stay Organized


When it comes to organization, I am the queen—just ask anyone in my life. Everything has its proper place, from the shoes to the pencils, to the condiments in the fridge, and I like it that. I learned how to be organized at a young age (blame my teachers and my mom). But honestly, when everything is where it should be I can focus all my attention on my work. Plus, being organized lowers stress, keeps me motivated, and helps me to reach your goals (so obviously a priority)!

Since primarily I work from home, it’s really important to me to have calendars, planners, storage bins, etc. so that whenever I need something, I know where to find it. In a one-bedroom apartment (where I have my home office), oftentimes my items have to be transportable so that I can easily grab them to take with me, and I love finding products that are small enough to shove into my backpack when I’m on the go, too!

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home, someone who loves to cozy up at your local coffee shop, or just looking to improve your workspace and organize your life, here are some of my top tips for organization, and Amazon products I’ve purchased over the years that have helped me the most. Continue reading