Dear Women: Step Into Your Inner Power


“It’s time for less fighting against, and more bold, deliberate, courageous action from the heart.”

— Lucinda Hanover

What does it mean to be a woman? This is a question I find myself asking more and more lately, as feminism has defined and redefined itself in my life through my work, life experience, relationships, and passions.

Over the past few years I’ve written a lot about feminism, about my belief that being a woman is all about finding a balance between there’s no ‘right’ way to be a woman. True feminism and identity comes from embracing and owning what you inherently are.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Lucinda Hanover, a powerful, driven woman who is a co-founder and CEO of Lumeri, a company dedicated to leadership development and consulting for some of the world’s largest organizations. She is also the host of this upcoming weekend’s “The Nobility of Women” workshop in New York City. Continue reading