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How To Cope With (And Get A Handle On) Your Stress

Regardless of your age, race, sex, occupation, or career, stress effects everyone. And according to the APA’s newly-released study on Stress in America, it’s is more prevalent than ever. Among career and professional stress. the study listed mass shootings, violence, sexual harassment/assault, and poor mental health as reasons for these higher levels. And unfortunately, the list is only growing. But how do we cope with stress ? How do we get a handle on our emotions, or find peace with circumstances that are largely out of our control?

Sometimes there’s not a clear answer. And sometimes, regardless of the steps we take to prevent stress in our lives—both personally and professionally—we will still face unforeseen circumstances. However, learning how to cope with stress is not necessarily about preventing it as it managing it. No, you won’t ever be completely stress-free (despite what the top self-help articles promise you!) but it is possible to get a handle on your anxieties, your schedule, and your mental state.

Regardless of your occupation, status, sex, age, race, or any other factor—with a little persistence and some constructive management strategies, you can learn to face your stress with confidence and strength. Continue reading

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Morning Routine Ideas (To Get You Productive Even Earlier)

Mornings are tough, am I right?! More than likely you’re groggy, scrambling to get ready, in a rush to head out to door, and potentially even catching up on yesterday’s to-do list. You’re eating, meal-prepping, picking out clothes, organizing—everything—and all at once. The last thing you want to do is waste precious time, or forget something you need to bring, wear, or get done. That’s why having an efficient morning routine is important for anyone serious about their career/professional life (and personal, too!).

An efficient morning routine incorporates a few main things: it’s fast but not chaotic, it gets you ready for the day, it energizes you (naturally, and with a little caffeine if preferred), and it propels you forward instead of running behind.

Regardless if you’re a morning person like me (which has its benefits), or someone who has to hit snooze a few too many times before heading out the door (which isn’t wrong, by the way!), simplifying your routine with these steps and tips will change a ‘blah’ morning into a strong morning. Let’s shift your mindset, your schedule, and (hopefully) the way you start your days. Continue reading

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8 Ways To Start Living Life On Your Own Terms

How many times have you heard the words, “You should…” or “If I were you…”? Or what about the well-meaning advice that fell flat? The moments you were challenged to do something different, all the while knowing it wouldn’t work for you? How many times have you been pushed to ‘live your best life,’ but felt like you weren’t truly living on your own terms?

The truth is, this life is different for every single person. What worked well for someone might not work for you, and that’s okay. The journey is not about trying to shape or bend yourself to fit someone else’s thoughts or plans. It’s not about having this cookie-cutter existence to mold to the lifestyles around you.

And it’s definitely not about settling into something that doesn’t feel natural.

Living on your own terms is about being the ruler of your own life. It’s about smiling at the possibility, opening yourself up to new beginnings, and walking the path that feels right. It’s about empowering yourself to live not only for others in terms of spreading love, but perhaps even more importantly, living for yourself. And prioritizing what matters and what fills you.

Here’s what living on your own terms really means, and how to do it:
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Dear Women: Step Into Your Inner Power


“It’s time for less fighting against, and more bold, deliberate, courageous action from the heart.”

— Lucinda Hanover

What does it mean to be a woman? This is a question I find myself asking more and more lately, as feminism has defined and redefined itself in my life through my work, life experience, relationships, and passions.

Over the past few years I’ve written a lot about feminism, about my belief that being a woman is all about finding a balance between there’s no ‘right’ way to be a woman. True feminism and identity comes from embracing and owning what you inherently are.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Lucinda Hanover, a powerful, driven woman who is a co-founder and CEO of Lumeri, a company dedicated to leadership development and consulting for some of the world’s largest organizations. She is also the host of this upcoming weekend’s “The Nobility of Women” workshop in New York City. Continue reading

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19 Little Tips To Keep You From Going Stagnant

Creatively, personally, and professionally, there is both a fear and possibility of going stagnant. Whether that is born of a lack of content, inspiration, or time, busyness, self-doubt, or a myriad of other factors, stagnancy is a challenge that we all face.

However, there are ways to push back against these ‘stuck’ moments and keep yourself motivated and confident. Here is a list of what has worked best for me. Continue reading