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9 Easy Ways To Write More In 2019

New Year, new writing goals—right?! That’s how I felt stepping into 2019. I was confident, I was ready, and I was looking forward to a year of diving deeper into my craft. Except now it’s midway through the month and I’m already slacking. (Anyone else?!) My goal was to write more this year, but I’m already slipping into bad habits, pushing my writing projects off to the side, and busying myself with other things. Ugh. Can you relate?

It’s human nature that even our best intentions don’t quite happen. And unfortunately, those resolutions we make for ourselves don’t always stay in focus as the days go by. However, if you’re serious about becoming a better writer, staying motivated, and writing more in 2019, I have some news for you: it is possible. Continue reading

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The Ultimate 9 Step Guide To Becoming A Freelance Writer

Taking the jump into freelance writing is exciting! If you’re like me, and parting ways with a full-time position in order to have the independence and flexibility of a freelance schedule, this can be both scary and thrilling. Or, if you’re just looking to add a bit more side work to your daily life, this can be a perfect solution.

Becoming a freelance writer, in particular, is amazing in the fact that you can write for multiple companies through individual contracts. You’re not locked down to a certain topic, position, or even entity! You also have the freedom of creating your own schedule, and sometimes even setting your own deadlines. These are definite perks, but finding consistent work and making enough money to sustain your lifestyle are concerns that can’t be ignored, either.

When you step into freelance writing, you have to be realistic about your finances, expenses, and how hard you’re willing to work. You’ll also need to create a foundation to grow from, which includes things like developing your brand, building up your social media, getting your name out there, and landing your first client, among other important beginning steps.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the water of freelancing, or looking to take the leap from corporate to independent, this is a guide that will help you both begin and strengthen your career. Continue reading

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How To Create A Unique Brand

If you use social media or are involved in the online industry in some way, you’ve probably heard of the buzzword branding. This term has been used to describe anything from social media color schemes, to website layouts, to sponsored content. However, what branding truly means is identity. Creating a unique brand will not only help you and your work stand out, but give you a niche in your industry that will bring you more opportunities, clients, and jobs.

Creating a unique brand is all about knowing yourself and what you want to present to potential employers. You’ll first want to focus on what sets you apart from the competition and what you can label as ‘you.’ If you’re a writer, you’ll want to consider your style and voice. For a lifestyle blogger, you might want to consider your geographical location, or what type of content you share: tips, info on current events, etc. From there, you’ll want to reshape everything around your purpose. Is your goal to inform? Entertain? Inspire? Think about what you’re wanting to do with your work and career and use that to shape your branding goals.

When you think about what identifies as ‘you’ and your work, what goal you’re looking to serve, and what’s essential to your business (if you’re a potential or developed business owner), you can start creating a unique brand that will legitimize you, and bring you potential customers. Continue reading

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6 Ways To Discover (And Develop) A Unique Writing Style

To set yourself apart as a writer, and to inevitably help you become successful at your craft, you need to create a unique writing style. What exactly is a writing style? And how does one develop his or her own? These are questions I hear from young creatives or those just beginning their writing careers all the time. Developing a unique writing style isn’t as difficult as you may think and that’s because a) our way of speaking and communicating is inherent within us, and b) because in everything we read, absorb, and even emulate, we’re finding our voices.

Voice’ is a writing term that identifies a writer’s creativity and personal use of language, sentences structure, flow, etc. One can have a poetic voice, lyrical voice, conversational voice, professional voice, or even stream of consciousness voice, just to name a few.

However, this voice comes naturally to each and every one of us; the challenge, as writers, is to find and build it.

Finding your voice and writing style and developing these things is what creates your identity as a writer, and thus a brand for your work. Though it may seem like a challenge at first, your voice and writing style are a part of you. The more you work to both develop your skills and practice the craft, the stronger your writing will be. Here are six ways to help you do exactly that. Continue reading

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6 Invaluable Resources For The Serious Freelance Writer

You’re serious about being a freelance writer. You want to make money, share your voice, and work for a variety of publications and companies. But where do you begin? Finding the right resources for freelance writers can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the time to sift through countless websites, or feel clueless when it comes to navigating job opportunities. Not to mention being overwhelmed by writing multiple individual pitches, or the additional stress if you’re already working another job.

Don’t worry, though! If you’re serious about writing as a career, getting started won’t be a problem. You just have to commit (and get excited, of course).

From a collection of social media accounts to follow, to websites that provide excellent ideas and options for publication, here is a list of the best resources for freelance writers who are serious about getting their content out, and are willing to work hard. Continue reading

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7 Best Apps For Freelancers

When you’re a freelancer or independent contractor, being able to organize and manage your time is important. From there, knowing how to effectively communicate with clients and employers, setting your own schedule, and adhering to deadlines is invaluable—but often difficult—which is why it’s important to know the best apps for freelancers.

Whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or been in the industry for years, here are seven of the best freelancing apps to help you keep your head clear, your schedule set, and your stress levels low.
Continue reading