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23 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Get Out Your Pen And Write

Sometimes the hardest part about being a writer is not the actual writing, but getting there. I remember when I first started my blog I was paralyzed by the fear of not being good enough, so much so, that for months I didn’t write anything. I couldn’t. I was scared of putting my drafts out there. I was scared of not having enough ‘polished’ work. And I was scared of people reading it. (Silly, right?)

But it was true—I was limited, not by my actual writing ability, but by my fear, my ‘busyness,’ and my excuses.

In truth, there is a writer within each of us, but it’s only when we combat our anxiety, push back against our writer’s block and say, boldly, “I am a writer.” that we actually become one. So in the spirit of inspiration, I’ve collected a few of my favorite writing quotes. These are the sentences and people that have pushed me forward; I hope, in turn, their words will give you the strength you need to pick up your pen and go. Continue reading