© Marisa Donnelly

Environmental Photography (Chicago), March 2015



Chicago is my city, the place I have called home all my life. When I decided to attend the Alpha Chi National Convention in March 2015, I was excited that I would be able to head home for a bit and be in a place I knew and loved!

Because I knew Chicago, and have lived only 30 minutes away since I was born, I became the head of my group of travelers from Iowa. I knew where all the touristy places were, and as I showed everyone around, I started to see Chicago from the perspective of someone who had never visited.

I have always thought Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities. Even with some of its dirt and wear-and-tear, I think it’s beautiful, eclectic, majestic, dynamic, and wonderful. I brought my camera on the trip, and as we traveled, my goal changed from capturing Chicago through my eyes, to also taking pictures from the perspective of someone who was experiencing its beauty for the first time.

These are some classic Chicago shots: Navy Pier, Millennium Park, The Bean, and the skyline, but I tried to get unique perspectives to really capture the essence of Chicago.


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