© Marisa Donnelly

Environmental Photography (Forest City), May 2015



I attended Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa from 2011-2015. Living in small-town Iowa was much different than my fast-paced suburb of Chicago, but I have some of the most wonderful memories from that itty-bitty town I learned to call home.

As I prepared for graduation, I knew I wanted to capture pictures of Forest City: the behind-the-scenes of living in a small town and the little things that people often overlook. I realized, as many of my peers prepared to move out of Forest City, that some of the beautiful, simple aspects of this town weren’t appreciated. So I set off to capture these things in my photography: old, worn buildings, clothing on a clothesline, an abandoned wagon, hard-working people, and of course, puppies.

I love how these photographs show the background of a small city that works hard, and has gone through years of wear and tear, but most importantly, years of love.


After taking my photos, I created a magazine layout to showcase Forest City – Hidden Treasures: Behind the Scenes of Small Town Life – which can be viewed here.


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