you heal one piece one fragment


A collection of original images, icons, macros, and logos designed for use on social media or for marketing/branding purposes.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Canva.
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Tilted Compass

Tilted Compass: A Collection of Poems

The concept of my project, Tilted Compass, was to create a chapbook that I could use to market my poetry for publication, as a graduate school portfolio item, and for personal use.

*Click here for the pdf version or click on the images below to see interior pages.

I used Adobe InDesign to create the document, Photoshop to edit my photographs and create transparencies on my photographs,  and Illustrator to create my logo. I worked with fills, opacities, different custom fonts,  lightening, grid lines, aligning text, character styles, and layout. All the photographs, images, designs, and writing are original.

© 2015 Marisa Donnelly


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