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The idea behind Sole*ful was to create an identity poster to represent a certain concept that could market for a campaign, advertising company, or for a client’s personal use.

Marisa Donnelly - Soleful

I used Adobe Photoshop to add images, create layers, make transparencies, and blend several images together.  There are four separate photographs in this piece: the tree, the cityscape, the Pont Des Artes bridge, and the shoes. I used four different layers as well as layer transparencies and opacities to alter the images and blend them together.

To allow the photographs to appear more naturally in the image, I used the Crop and Eraser tools to allow for more seamless layers. I also used custom fonts to change the ‘STOP’ to ‘HAPPY’ and to put text on the image itself.

The overall concept of the poster is to represent how an individual is a product of both his/her roots, as well as the places he/she has gone and will go. It incorporates themes of home, learning to adapt to surroundings, and a love for travel and studying abroad, as well as a positive overall marketing campaign for my personal blog, Word & Sole.

Tools used: Perspective, Crop, Lasso, Quick Selection, Rotate, Selection, Eraser, Magic Wand, Rectangle Marquee, and Eyedropper.


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Tilted Compass

Tilted Compass: A Collection of Poems

The concept of my project, Tilted Compass, was to create a chapbook that I could use to market my poetry for publication, as a graduate school portfolio item, and for personal use.

*Click here for the pdf version or click on the images below to see interior pages.

I used Adobe InDesign to create the document, Photoshop to edit my photographs and create transparencies on my photographs,  and Illustrator to create my logo. I worked with fills, opacities, different custom fonts,  lightening, grid lines, aligning text, character styles, and layout. All the photographs, images, designs, and writing are original.

© 2015 Marisa Donnelly


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small town living

Slice of the Small Town Life

After living in small town Forest City, Iowa, for my four years of college, I grew to love the place and appreciate the little details and beauties that are often overlooked.

For a final project in my senior Photojournalism class, I took pictures of what I felt captured the essence of small town life and compiled them, through Adobe InDesign, into a magazine layout/poster design showcasing the behind-the-scenes of Forest City life.

What I love about this project is the way I was able to incorporate the light blue color of the water tower into the background of my poster. I also used custom fonts that I felt made the layout more appealing and placed out my pictures in a way that drew attention to the man on the right first, then traveled through the remainder of the poster.

I also worked to get natural shots and use simple colors like black, white, and light blue, to ensure that the photographs and larger title text would be the main focus of the layout.

fc story




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