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Event Photography / Senior Portraits (Waldorf University Graduation), 2016

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It’s graduation season again, which means beautiful senior portraits! This year I was asked by my friend, Shaye Sutherland, a Waldorf University 2016 graduate, to take her senior pictures.

With these photos, I experimented with the stark color contrast of whites, browns, and greens against Shaye’s skin. I also posed her naturally, and often casually so that the photos could reflect her beautiful, natural smile.

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I staged the majority of the shots in front of the university’s main hall, Salveson Hall, to capture the essence of the old structure and the memories Shaye has built there over the years. There were a lot of lines in the stairs and pillars, so I used those to frame Shaye’s body and face. We also used her sign and decorated cap as props to add color and contrast to the photos.

Shooting her photos was a lot of fun and I love how they turned out! 🙂 Congrats graduates!



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Waldorf University Website, 2015

Waldorf University is a four-year liberal arts college located in Forest City, Iowa. The university’s official website features articles written and published by Marisa Donnelly in 2015.

Sparks Making Waves at Waldorf University

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