© Marisa Donnelly

Wildlife Photography (Cocoa Beach), March 2015

I traveled to Cocoa Beach with my softball team for Spring Break, and knowing I was going to be in a sunny, cheerful, and much different than Iowa type of place, I wanted to snap a bunch of pictures.

I was enrolled in a Photojournalism class at the time, and one of my assignments was to photograph people in their natural environments . One night, after dinner, my parents and I walked the Cocoa Beach Pier, and with a camera-in-hand, I started snapping pictures of a local fisherman who had just happened to catch a fish and filet it right on the Pier ledge! The photos of the fisherman turned out alright, but what I really loved were the shots of the fish in mid-filet and the pelican who had harassed the fisherman the entire time.

I worked with quick shutter speed to capture these photos, especially with the pelican who was always in motion. I also messed with the aperture priority setting to allow me to focus on the subject even in the sunset/low-lighting. For some of my first shots, I’m pleased how they turned out.

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