The Lights Festival, March 2018

I attended the Southern California Lights Festival and captured the incredible experience

Neuqua Valley High School, Senior Prom 2016

Pictures of Neuqua Valley High School Prom.

Shaye Sutherland, Waldorf University Graduation 2016

Senior pictures of Waldorf University 2016 graduate, Shaye Sutherland.

Waldorf College Homecoming Court, 2015

Pictures of the 2015 Waldorf College Homecoming Court.

Forest City, May 2015

Environmental photography of my college town, Forest City, Iowa, that strives to capture the behind-the-scenes of small town life.

Caleb and Diana, May 2015

Caleb is my little neighbor, and I wanted to capture his personality and attitude in these photographs. I shot pictures of him and his mother, Diana, in their backyard to place them in a natural environment and to better show their tender mother-son relationship.

Waldorf Baseball, April 2015

Sports/action shots I captured at a Waldorf College home baseball game using a zoom lens and fast shutter speed.

Flowers, April 2015

I found these beautiful flowers while driving through my college town, Forest City, Iowa. They captured my attention, and my focus with these these photographs was to bring the flowers to the forefront of the image while throwing the background out of focus to make for a beautiful series of shots.

Chicago, March 2015

Shots of my home city, Chicago, with different angles and perspectives to capture the city’s beauty from the eyes of someone who has lived there all her life and also from the perspective of someone visiting for the first time.

Cocoa Beach, March 2015

Some of my earlier photographs, focused on nature, animals, and freezing a moment with quick shutter speed.