Rewinding to Childhood

As published in the Waldorf University’s Crusader, Spring 2014, Volume 7

The ice cream was already melting.

She felt the bumps of her tongue hit the soft,

smooth lemon of Tweety-Bird’s head. Yellow

ran from her chin to her arms, washed over the wooden

stick with the cheesy joke, traveled down her leg to the gym shoes

she wore with no socks, and made a puddle at her feet. She tried

to suck the cold from her fingertips but the liquid slid down the stick,

growing around her toes, spilling over to the pavement. The two gumball eyes

plopped into this heap that now reached to her knees, building higher with each

lick. The ice cream pile flooded up to her nose, covering her mouth and face until all

that was left was a tiny feather of her hair, like a baby’s peach fuzz.