Welcome to my shop!

This is what you can find here: custom poetry and other written pieces, custom full-color or black and white art pieces, specialty quote prints, and my poetry collection, Somewhere On A Highway. Whether purchasing for yourself or someone else, these limited edition and custom-made products will leave a lasting, memorable impression. 💗

My work is personal, emotional, and heartfelt. I can create custom quotes for art and poetry, or you can search through my featured images (on each product page) for one you like! If you have any questions or issues, please reach out my support team.

This is what this shop means to me: In October 2018 I purchased the full rights back to my poetry book, Somewhere On A Highway. This was (and still is!) a huge moment for me, as it gives me full profit from my collection for the first time. Inspired by that career move, I opened this shop to feature my favorite and passion-filled products.

My mission as a writer and creator is to spread light—I feel one of the best ways I can do this is through my work. I hope you enjoy these products. Happy shopping!

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