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A custom poem or poetry excerpt by Marisa Donnelly, either typed or handwritten.

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A custom poem or poetry excerpt by Marisa Donnelly, either typed or handwritten.

When it comes to a special occasion or honoring a loved one, finding the right words can be challenging. You want to express exactly how you feel, but with words that go beyond a simple, “I love you,” “I’m thankful for you,” or another stereotypical Hallmark line. Though a card is undoubtedly sweet, sometimes it just doesn’t capture the depth of your emotions. And there’s only so much you can say in the blank spaces of a folded card or the margins of a letter.

Whether for a special occasion, a ‘just because,’ or a thoughtful commemoration of a person in your life, you need something heartfelt, genuine, and, of course, original. That’s why you need a custom poem or poetry excerpt by Marisa Donnelly.

Marisa Donnelly has published thousands of poems online and in print. A collection of her online poetry can be found here or on her Thought Catalog poetry page. She also shares poetry frequently on her Instagram.

Each and every poem is heartfelt, lyrical, and packed with emotion. She has a way of capturing a moment or person with depth, clarity, and beauty.

Poems are $5 + tax, plus $1 per additional pages.
Includes edits, if necessary. Additional charges may apply.

Custom poem content and style can be discussed and modified as client sees fit. Email Marisa with specific questions or orders.

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