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Be encouraged. be welcomed. belong.

‘Be A Light’ is a community, movement, and resource base focused on encouragement, inspiration and building stronger, more empowered writers and creatives.

Personal Statement: “The purpose behind this  brand and company is to take my energy and passion for the written word, creativity, and positivity and build a space where I could really  share my knowledge and love to help others.  The internet is an incredible place, and the ability to connect with humans all over the world astounds me. I wanted to not only share my craft, but use my background and degree in education to help others reach their creative potentials, specifically through writing and editing services, one-on-one writing coaching, individual and small-group online classes, free resources, and much more.”

Essentially ‘Be A Light’ is a network of creative people, looking to build themselves both as writers/artists, and as humans. The focus is to encourage, equip and empower. And you can be a part of it. [Subscribe here to join.]