“My favorite writer for Thought Catalog. Her hopeful and optimistic outlook in her various pieces easily bring hope… even to a down-on-his-relationship-luck guy like me. Optimism the way she expresses it is mindset changing and was much needed for a person like me who was susceptible to being pessimistic about love.

With ‘Somewhere On A Highway,’ she takes her writing style to short-form poetry and prose about the beginning and the open-ended conclusion of that period of her life through the intimate pieces she chose to share. Since this is her own book, you can definitely tell the vulnerability is a little more raw.

As usual for her, it’s a good read for relatability through those aspects of a young adult traveling away from home, going through love and loss, and in the end, as the title can help you imagine, the journey continues… somewhere on a highway.”
Gabriel Basco, singer/songwriter

Gabriel Basco