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I believe that each and every one of us has a story. A story that’s unique and valuable. And whether that story becomes a book, blog, Instagram post, company mantra, diary entry, or note to a loved one, I’m here to help.

For businesses and companies: I craft engaging and personable writing that will drive visitors to your site, boost organic traffic, and promote sales. For clients and all other interested humans: I will help you find and strengthen your voice. I will get your words from your mind to your page with ease, while fostering individuality, vulnerability, and confidence.

Hey, you! I’m Marisa Donnelly. Let’s work together.

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a professor in college. We were talking about dreams, and how he had shifted from wanting to be a published author to actually getting his work in print. At the time my future felt daunting and open, but I’ll never forget what he said to me. He turned, looked me dead in the eyes, and asked, “What’s holding you back?” It seems like such a simple question, but that moment changed everything for me — what was holding me back? When I finally asked myself that, I realized that my dreams were far closer than I realized. And I started running in the direction of them, wildly and fearlessly.

Now this is my question for you, “What’s holding you back?”

Is it your writing skills, your inability to get ideas from head to paper? Is it fear of sounding stupid, or not knowing what to say at all? Are you overwhelmed with the process, or even getting started in the first place? Are you longing to dive deeper into your craft but don’t really know what makes your work or writing unique?

Coaches, writers, editors — we’re a dime a dozen — but what I truly feel sets me apart is my passion. I love relationships and building connections with people. Read anything I’ve written and you’ll find that it’s dripping with emotion and heart. I work by getting vulnerable, digging deep, and really getting to know a person and what he or she cares about and wants to say.

If you work with me, you’re committing to peeling back layers and really discovering the truth behind your words, the message you want to share, and the person you are — on and off paper. 

I won’t just breeze through your work, leaving red pen marks and sparse comments in the margins. I’ll sit beside you and comb through everything with attention to detail. Together we’ll figure out exactly what’s important, how you want to present yourself, and the why behind your work. And we’ll have fun, too.

Writing isn’t just about words on a paper — it’s about building confidence, it’s about actually enjoying the process, and it’s about finding an editor or coach who is committed to you professionally, creatively, and personally.

Does this sound perfect? Great! Can’t wait to collaborate.
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