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I’m a writer, editor, coach & digital strategist.

I’m passionate about helping people find their voices, create content they’re incredibly proud of, curate their online presence, reach their audience with intention and heart, and find the courage to speak, write, and live with clarity, authenticity, and purpose.

Marisa Donnelly, Founder of Be A Light Collective

Hi, |’m Marisa Donnelly

I’m a Chicago-born, San Diego-based writer, editor, coach, & digital strategist.

I’m also a small business owner, teacher, homeschool director, podcast host, founder of two parenting platforms, and social media curator. But those are just my titles. “Off the page,” I’m simply a human who’s crazy passionate about helping people find their voices and purpose amidst the noise.


Almost twelve years ago, I started sharing my heart with the world. I wrote fearlessly and openly on my blog, Word & Sole, and I also submitted heartfelt thinkpieces for online magazines and literary publications. It wasn’t long before I had a few of my articles go absolutely viral (like my favorite: “I’m Not A Netflix & Chill Kind Of Girl”), catapulting me headfirst into my writing career.

Over the past decade, I’ve been a full-time Writer & Editor for Thought Catalog, Commerce Writer for Bustle, Expert Writer for The Spruce, Lead Contributor for many online and print publications, and Managing Editor/Producer to hundreds of worldwide creators.

I have published thousands of articles accumulating over 21.2+ million page views with bylines in Huffington Post, The Spruce, Bustle, BossBabe, Thrive Global, Medium, and more. And I’ve written content for Taco Bell, SKYY Infusions, eBay, Café Bustelo®, Blumhouse Tilt, Brita, The Cybersmile Foundation, Discover, Hampton, the US Air Force, and many others.

In 2016, I left the corporate writing world and founded my small business —Be A Light Collective — a creative marketplace, online community, and writing/editing services company serving clients worldwide.

And this has all led me to where I am today — shamelessly oversharing  + coaching others on how to create and speak with authenticity, passion, and purpose.

Marisa Donnelly, Founder of Momish Moments

PS: |’m also a human

Outside of my professional career, I’m a bonus mama & self-proclaimed ‘big-hearted woman.’

I’m a big believer that the world needs more vulnerability, honesty, and openness, and I’ve committed myself to ‘walking the walk’ by sharing these messages in everything I create, post, and build.

Almost six years, ago, I crafted a piece from the heart called, “Read This If You Are Fiercely Independent But Also Ridiculously Emotional,” and it’s been my mantra ever since. I’ve always been a strong-willed, wild, and sensitive woman and if you follow my blog or socials — you’ll know that I share about this often.

In 2016 — the same year as my small business launch —I met an amazing man and his son. Stepping into their lives was the start of my motherhood journey and my fierce commitment to special needs advocacy, conscious parenting, and sharing honest (and vulnerable) parenting stories. Our journey also inspired me to launch Momish Moments, a vertical dedicated to empowering journeys of motherhood; and co-found Step By Step Parents, a resource platform for blended families.

As a parent, I know how hard it can be to juggle all of the commitments, goals, and responsibilities. Through my Clarity Coaching (& other services), I help moms & dads find their voices, align with their visions, and pursue their purpose and identity outside of their family circles (without sacrificing anything in the process).

Whether you’re a parent or not, my goal is to help you realign with your heart & become the best and most authentic version of yourself.

Let’s Get |n Touch:

There’s a real human on the other side of this screen, and whether you’re looking to hire me, browse my services, follow me on social, or simply say, “Hi!,” I’m stoked to connect, to answer questions, and to get to know YOU and your goals. Use the contact box below and you’ll reach my inbox. I do my best to answer within 48 hours or two business days. You can also send me an email / connect with me on LinkedIn. [If you’re interested, you can see my resumes here: Writing / Teaching]