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And to me, writing is as essential as breathing.

I gravitate to the written word, and I’m fascinated by the way this form of expression not only heals and strengthens us, but is an integral part of our humanness. Whether you’re here to browse my content, develop your own craft, or hire me for services, welcome. I am happy to have you here.

To me, writing is as essential as breathing.

My writing style is both professional and creative, and blends academic, lyrical, and conversational structure simultaneously. I’m passionate about the English language, grammar, poetry, and paragraphs that pull at your heartstrings. Whether you’re here to browse my content, develop your own craft, or hire me for services, welcome. I am happy to have you here.

Marisa Donnelly

A Little Behind-The-Scenes On Me:

Ever since I was young, I knew the power of words. In Kindergarten, I started writing little fiction stories about guinea pigs and found myself getting lost in the plot lines, imagining all the possibilities of where those little creatures could go. In fourth grade, I started my first ‘business’ of creating handmade greeting cards, with my signature ‘MD logo’ and unique captions based on the receiver’s special event. And in sixth grade, I sent out my first newsletter, a stapled packet of gold paper, complete with news stories, crossword puzzles and activities, poetry, photographs, and even a comic!

Needless to say, it was clear to me, from a young age, that writing was both my passion and my gift. And so I developed and pursued that craft until it became a part of my everyday life.

My professional career began when I first started sharing my voice with the internet. My first site was Word&Sole, a blog dedicated to honest and transparent writing about a variety of topics along my journey, all stemming from the quote I created for my foot tattoo: she makes the pavement her pages, she writes through word and sole.

As other passions became prominent in my life (namely education/teaching and fitness), I created additional sites to house my writing, and from there started submitting and sharing my voice across social platforms, too. My first official position in the industry was as a Staff Writer & Editor for Thought & Expression Company (Thought Catalog), an independent publishing house and digital magazine. Since my start in 2015, I released two essay compilations, “Fiercely Independent (Most Days),” and “Big Heart Problems,” as well as my poetry collection, Somewhere On A Highway. I also ran several social media pages, poured my heart out daily, served as a managing Editor/Producer to hundreds of contributors around the world, and wrote sponsored content for companies such as Taco Bell, SKYY Infusions, eBay, Café Bustelo®, Blumhouse Tilt, Brita, The Cybersmile Foundation, Discover, Hampton, and the US Air Force.

After parting ways with Thought Catalog, I focused all my energy on creating a business entity that would blend what I love the most—writing as much as possible, and working directly with people to help them develop their own powerful voices. Thus Be A Light LLC was born: my writing coaching, tutoring, and editing services company.

Now I help clients all across the world with their writing, resumes, cover letters, books, proposals, projects, grammar, and more. I also freelance write for companies, websites, journals, magazines, etc. and build a flexible, fulfilling schedule that has always been my ultimate dream. I’m blessed and humbled by how words have changed, shaped, and truly started my life.

That’s a little behind-the-scenes of how I got here (and you can read even more about my professional and personal self right here) but I’m curious to know your story, too. You came to this site, to this page for a reason so I hope you’ll fill out the contact information below and get in touch with me!

Contact Information:

Whether you are looking for a freelance writer to help your business grow, a teacher/tutor that is student-centered and motivated, other employment opportunities, general questions, or to just say hello, please fill out the contact form below and I will respond as soon as possible. Or, feel free to browse my services.

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