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Episode 31 – Love Is The Answer (ft. Aimee Cabo)

In Ep. 31 of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, host Marisa Donnelly welcomes guest Aimee Cabo, an abuse survivor and Christian who shares why love is the answer.

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Episode 30 – The Secret To Lasting Happiness (ft. TM Hoy)

In VulnerABILITY Podcast (Ep. 30), host Marisa Donnelly welcomes T.M. Hoy, author of “The Secret To Lasting Happiness” to talk about growth from within.


  1. "I am English Department Chair, a teacher with 39 years of experience and a District Literacy Coach. I say that not to impress – but for you to understand how impressed I am with Ms. Donnelly. She is one of the best.”

    Deadra Stanton (Mason City High School Department Chair)

  2. "I am not a huge poetry fan, but Marisa's collection, Somewhere On A Highway, blew me away. It's absolutely amazing and haunting. The feelings this work stirred in my heart shocked me and brought me to tears several times. If you love poetry this is a MUST— if you do not— you MUST give this one a read! "Iowa Stars" and "Run Wild with Me" are worth the entire book. Simply Amazing."

    Alana Haase (Author of Woman at the Well)

  3. "Marisa is an inspiration and a talent. Her words are eloquent and universal. She has a way of making you feel like you can relate in every piece. Not only her blog posts, but her poetry. She is passionate about what she does and passionate about connecting with her readers. That genuine energy makes a huge difference and sets her apart in the literary community."

    Elizabeth Newman (Author of Hope Between Heartbeats)

  4. "I wouldn't be able to call myself 'writer' without the help of Marisa Donnelly. She's the reason behind my success when it comes to writing.   I was one of those people who was afraid to share his voice to the world, but Marisa extended her help and even gave me wonderful tips on how to improve my skills. She's not just your editor but also your friend. She will remember you even if you are worlds apart. She writes from her heart, helps everyone with her talent and brilliant ideas.   Be A Light is really about her. She's the light for everyone and one day, I wouldn't be surprise if she's going to be the brightest light in this world."

    Martin Manuel (Contributing Writer at Thought Catalog)

  5. "I can't recommend working with Marisa enough. She's an exceptionally genuine and approachable freelancer. She puts so much thought and creativity into her work and sets the bar high for quality writing. I hope to work with her again in the future!"

    Shelby Ray (Sr. Marketing/PR Specialist at BLUEFIN)