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Welcome to The VulnerABILITY Podcast with Marisa Donnelly

Episode 38 – Being In Alignment & Owning The Mess (ft. Ashley Graham)

In Ep. 38 Marisa invites Ashley Graham, publicity expert and founder of Your Brandista, to share about being in alignment and embracing change.

Welcome to The VulnerABILITY Podcast with Marisa Donnelly

Episode 37 – How To Be Intentional With Tech (ft. Bethany Baker)

In Ep.37 Marisa Donnelly speaks with Bethany Baker, Exec. Director of A-GAP, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching people how to be intentional with tech use.

Welcome to The VulnerABILITY Podcast with Marisa Donnelly

Episode 36 – Building A Village (ft. Jennifer Wildasin)

VulnerABILITY Ep 36—Marisa Donnelly welcomes Jennifer Wildasin, a mother & business owner who’s passionate about building a village for those with dyslexia.

Welcome to The VulnerABILITY Podcast with Marisa Donnelly

Episode 35 – The Balance Of Logic & Emotions (ft. Dan Hill)

In Ep. 35, Marisa Donnelly welcomes Dan Hill, author and founder of Sensory Logic, to talk about logic and emotions and their roles in our lives.

Welcome to The VulnerABILITY Podcast with Marisa Donnelly

Episode 34 – Lead With Love (ft. Franco Zavala)

In Ep34, Marisa Donnelly welcomes Franco Zavala, self-proclaimed ‘Profesional Stepdad’ & father of five to discuss parenting and learning to lead with love.

Welcome to The VulnerABILITY Podcast with Marisa Donnelly

Episode 33 – How To Reframe Your Mindset (ft. Alyssa Mopia)

In Ep. 33, Marisa Donnelly welcomes Alyssa Mopia, founder of Future’s Past, to get raw and honest about how to reframe your mindset in the wake of COVID-19.


  1. "I can't recommend working with Marisa enough. She's an exceptionally genuine and approachable freelancer. She puts so much thought and creativity into her work and sets the bar high for quality writing. I hope to work with her again in the future!"

    Shelby Ray (Sr. Marketing/PR Specialist at BLUEFIN)

  2. "Donnelly is a terrific, maturing writer, and her creative efforts have a vigor that is inescapable. She has a vision of worldly experience and truth that resonates on each line."

    Kyle Torke (Professor & Author of Sunshine Falls)

  3. "I am not a huge poetry fan, but Marisa's collection, Somewhere On A Highway, blew me away. It's absolutely amazing and haunting. The feelings this work stirred in my heart shocked me and brought me to tears several times. If you love poetry this is a MUST— if you do not— you MUST give this one a read! "Iowa Stars" and "Run Wild with Me" are worth the entire book. Simply Amazing."

    Alana Haase (Author of Woman at the Well)

  4. "Marisa is very professional, organized, and a hard worker. These characteristics, along with her passion and zeal for finding the right words make her an excellent person for your writing or reviewing needs. I highly recommend her!"

    Jaclyn Krizovensky (Professor at UC San Diego)

  5. "Marisa was my editor for almost a year and I worked with her one-on-one. As someone who pretty much didn’t have an idea about the publishing industry, Marisa helped me figure out who I wanted to become as a writer.
    She has the talent and skills to give feedback about your writing constructively. She’s very knowledgeable in guiding you to find your voice and your style. She points out something in your writing that you need to work on and you’ll eventually realize that her suggestions are accurate. I had so many mistakes as a writer that I would never have learned if Marisa didn’t point them out — she’s honestly that great.
    Not many people know this but her academic background was stellar; she graduated college with flying colors and that’s a clear proof that she’s competent. She will deliver whatever it is that you asked from her and she will exceed your expectations. That’s what I learned after working with her almost every single day."

    Angelo Caerlang (Author of Sparks In Broken Lights)