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Episode 27 — There’s No Failure, Only Trying (ft. Rebecca Binnendyk)

In Ep. 27 of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, host Marisa Donnelly ft. Rebecca Binnendyk, singer/songwriter discuss the power of trying (even if you fail).

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Episode 26 — Letting Yourself Be Seen (ft. Eli Nash)

In Ep. 26 of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, host Marisa Donnelly ft. Eli Nash, co-Founder of MicDrop talk about past trauma and allowing yourself to be seen.


  • "Currently one of my favorite writers for her reliability; that is, for her personal experiences, and careful insight in each of her posts. Her perspective on life is hopeful and true. I wish would have known about her writings earlier in life and before entering (or staying in) toxic relationships for the sake of being a 'good person'. Thank you for spreading your cheerfulness and giving us all reason to carry on with optimism."
    Benjamin Cuellar (Marketing & Social Media Specialist)
  • "I can't recommend working with Marisa enough. She's an exceptionally genuine and approachable freelancer. She puts so much thought and creativity into her work and sets the bar high for quality writing. I hope to work with her again in the future!"
    Shelby Ray (Sr. Marketing/PR Specialist at BLUEFIN)
  • "I wouldn't be able to call myself 'writer' without the help of Marisa Donnelly. She's the reason behind my success when it comes to writing.   I was one of those people who was afraid to share his voice to the world, but Marisa extended her help and even gave me wonderful tips on how to improve my skills. She's not just your editor but also your friend. She will remember you even if you are worlds apart. She writes from her heart, helps everyone with her talent and brilliant ideas.   Be A Light is really about her. She's the light for everyone and one day, I wouldn't be surprise if she's going to be the brightest light in this world."
    Martin Manuel (Contributing Writer at Thought Catalog)
  • "Marisa brings light to everything and everyone she encounters. Humble, graceful, loving, encouraging, understanding, magical, and supportive are all words I would use to describe Marisa and her work.   She brightens my life and thousands of other lives daily. She is one of Thought Catalog's most loved authors.   I read 'Somewhere On A Highway' when I was writing my own book in 2017. Her poetry and rawness encouraged me to keep writing when my vulnerability wanted me to stop.  At the time, I had no idea she would end up encouraging me to publish my own book 'This Will Set Me Free' with Thought Catalog Books.   Marisa is true gold. She lifts others up, gives feedback to less established authors to help them grow, and brings an awareness to every day human struggles eloquently. I'd recommend this book, and all past and future work of Marisa, to anyone."
    Kristin Michelle Elizabeth (Author of “This Will Set Me Free”)
  • "Somewhere on a Highway made me feel lost, and at the same time, made it seem like I found myself. Some poems touched me. Reading several parts brought tears in my eyes because oh my god, it was amazing...Marisa's writing will capture your heart."
    Imogene Rae V. Dacanay (Founder of Mugglebooks)
  • Benjamin Cuellar
  • Marisa is a genuine and approachable freelancer
  • Marisa is not just your editor but also your friend
  • Kristin Michelle Elizabeth
  • Imogene Rae V. Dacanay