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Episode 31 – Love Is The Answer (ft. Aimee Cabo)

In Ep. 31 of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, host Marisa Donnelly welcomes guest Aimee Cabo, an abuse survivor and Christian who shares why love is the answer.

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Episode 30 – The Secret To Lasting Happiness (ft. TM Hoy)

In VulnerABILITY Podcast (Ep. 30), host Marisa Donnelly welcomes T.M. Hoy, author of “The Secret To Lasting Happiness” to talk about growth from within.


  1. "Marisa provides an honest collection of words that makes you feel like you're a close friend that she is talking to. She has a gift to tell a personal story while inviting you into your own so that the reading experience is both intimate and contemplative."

    Brian McFadden (Founder of Us Vs. Anxiety)

  2. "My favorite writer. Her hopeful and optimistic outlook in her various pieces easily bring hope...even to a down-on-his-relationship-luck guy like me. Optimism the way she expresses. Her words are mindset-changing, and are much needed for a person like me, who is susceptible to being pessimistic about love.   With 'Somewhere On A Highway,' she takes her writing style to short-form poetry and prose. The book is about the beginning and the open-ended conclusion of that period of her life, reflected through the intimate pieces she chose to share. Since this is her own book, you can definitely tell the vulnerability is a little more raw."

    Gabriel Basco (Musician & Producer)

  3. "Marisa was my editor for almost a year and I worked with her one-on-one. As someone who pretty much didn’t have an idea about the publishing industry, Marisa helped me figure out who I wanted to become as a writer.
    She has the talent and skills to give feedback about your writing constructively. She’s very knowledgeable in guiding you to find your voice and your style. She points out something in your writing that you need to work on and you’ll eventually realize that her suggestions are accurate. I had so many mistakes as a writer that I would never have learned if Marisa didn’t point them out — she’s honestly that great.
    Not many people know this but her academic background was stellar; she graduated college with flying colors and that’s a clear proof that she’s competent. She will deliver whatever it is that you asked from her and she will exceed your expectations. That’s what I learned after working with her almost every single day."

    Angelo Caerlang (Author of Sparks In Broken Lights)

  4. "I am English Department Chair, a teacher with 39 years of experience and a District Literacy Coach. I say that not to impress – but for you to understand how impressed I am with Ms. Donnelly. She is one of the best.”

    Deadra Stanton (Mason City High School Department Chair)

  5. "Several of her poems touched me. I am a big Mary Oliver fan and have several of her books on my shelf and maybe a half dozen by other poets and Donnelly's book is going on that shelf of keepers, on poetry books that I re-read and refer to...that inspire me to make a piece of art or share with a friend. "Run Wild With Me", "Sixteen", and "This You Must Learn Young" were among my favorites. I hope that she continues to write poetry of this caliber."

    Kathy Duffy (Lead Critic at Goodreads)