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I’m the dedicated, personable, and relationship-focused editor you’ve been dreaming about.

You can find an editor with a simple Google search, but how many of those editors truly care about you as a person? How many of those editors want to see you succeed, not only with your written work, but as a human? How many of those editors have backgrounds and degrees in Education, English, Reading, and Language Arts, as well as the passion to truly take time with you?

As an editor, I pride myself on the personalized connection. Ask anyone I’ve worked with—what comes first and foremost to me is relationships. I get to know my clients, their lives, and their stories. I build an understanding of who they are as whole people, thus I can better work with them.

I’m not the type of editor who will just mark up your paper(s) and email them back. Instead, with my editing services, I will take the time with you, to explain and clarify any changes made. I will leave comments, schedule phone calls, and meet with you in-person or online to get clarity. My goal isn’t just to edit your work, but to give you the tools to be able to improve your writing from the moment we start working together (and beyond).

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