The following are testimonials and reviews of Marisa Donnelly’s writing, poetry collection (Somewhere On A Highway), social media management, character, work and classroom teaching.

“Donnelly is a terrific, maturing writer, and her creative efforts have a vigor that is inescapable, a vision of worldly experience and truth that resonates on each line.”

Kyle Torke Kyle Torke

“I am English Department Chair, a teacher with 39 years of experience and a District Literacy Coach. I say that not to impress – but for you to understand how impressed I am with Ms. Donnelly. She is one of the best student teachers I have worked with.”

Deadra Stanton Deadra Stanton

“Marisa brings light to everything and everyone she encounters. Humble, graceful, loving, encouraging, understanding, magical, and supportive are all words I would use to describe Marisa and her work. She brightens my life and thousands of other lives daily. She is one of Thought Catalog’s most loved authors. I read ‘Somewhere On A Highway’ when … Continue reading Kristin Michelle Elizabeth

Kristin Michelle Elizabeth Kristin Michelle Elizabeth

“My favorite writer for Thought Catalog. Her hopeful and optimistic outlook in her various pieces easily bring hope… even to a down-on-his-relationship-luck guy like me. Optimism the way she expresses it is mindset changing and was much needed for a person like me who was susceptible to being pessimistic about love. With ‘Somewhere On A … Continue reading Gabriel Basco

Gabriel Basco Gabriel Basco

“Currently one of my favorite writers for her reliability; that is, for her personal experiences, and careful insight in each of her posts. Her perspective on life is hopeful and true. I wish would have known about her writings earlier in life and before entering (or staying in) toxic relationships for the sake of being … Continue reading Benjamin Cuellar

Benjamin Cuellar Benjamin Cuellar

“Several of her poems touched me. I am a big Mary Oliver fan and have several of her books on my shelf and maybe a half dozen by other poets and Donnelly’s book is going on that shelf of keepers, on poetry books that I re-read and refer to…that inspire me to make a piece … Continue reading Kathy Duffy

Kathy Duffy Kathy Duffy

“Marisa is an inspiration and a talent. Her words are eloquent and universal. She has a way of making you feel like you can relate in every piece. Not only her blog posts, but her poetry. She is passionate about what she does and passionate about connecting with her readers. That genuine energy makes a … Continue reading Elizabeth Newman

Elizabeth Newman Elizabeth Newman

“‘Somewhere on a Highway’ made me feel lost, and at the same time, made it seem like I found myself. Some poems touched me. Reading several parts brought tears in my eyes because oh my god, it was amazing…Marisa’s writing will capture your heart.”

Imogene Rae V. Dacanay Imogene Rae V. Dacanay

“Marisa provides an honest collection of words that makes you feel like you’re a close friend that she is talking to. She has a gift to tell a personal story while inviting you into your own so that the reading experience is both intimate and contemplative.”

Brian McFadden Brian McFadden

“‘Somewhere On A Highway’ by Marisa Donnelly will give you that feeling of being on a road trip while nostalgically reminiscing on the things that you did and who you were before. This poetry book is so relatable because at some point I feel like we’ve all struggled to find a place we can call … Continue reading Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang Angelo Caerlang

“I am not a huge poetry fan, but this collection [‘Somewhere On A Highway’] blew me away. It’s absolutely amazing and haunting. The feelings this work stirred in my heart shocked me and brought me to tears several times. If you love poetry this is a MUST— if you do not— you MUST give this … Continue reading Alana Haase

Alana Haase Alana Haase

“She pours herself in rhyme with her heart; her words reflect that kind of light this world desperately needs. At a young age she already grasped what is truly essential. Raw and bold in her way of thinking – her lines attract the strongest of hearts -for their thoughts are highlighted in her lines. She … Continue reading Sam Hilario

Sam Hilario Sam Hilario

“Donnelly writes wonderfully, in fact, she is in the top handful of creative writing students I have worked with over the last fifteen years.”

Tim Bascom Tim Bascom

“What struck me, initially, are Donnelly’s control of line endings and her use of enjambment to further the sonic textures so evident in her poetry.” 

Brandon Courtney Brandon Courtney