The following are testimonials on Marisa Donnelly from her cooperating teachers, professors, employers, and judge of the 2013 Salveson Prize.

“I am Department Chair, a teacher with 39 years of experience and a District Literacy Coach. I say that not to impress – but for you to understand how impressed I am with Ms. Donnelly. She is one of the best student teachers I have worked with over the years.”  — Deadra Stanton, Mason City … Continue reading Deadra Stanton

Deadra Stanton

“Donnelly is a terrific, maturing writer, and her creative efforts have a vigor that is inescapable, a vision of worldly experience and truth that resonates on each line.”  —   Kyle Torke, Associate Professor of English at Colorado Technical University and author of Sunshine Falls

Kyle Torke

“Donnelly writes wonderfully, in fact, she is in the top handful of creative writing students I have worked with over the last fifteen years.”  —  Tim Bascom, Creative Writing Director at Waldorf College and author of Chamelon Days: An American Boyhood in Ethiopia

Tim Bascom

“What struck me, initially, are Donnelly’s control of line endings and her use of enjambment to further the sonic textures so evident in her poetry.” —    Brandon Courtney, Poetry Editor at DIALOGIST and Academy of American Poets Prizewinner

Brandon Courtney