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You are not in this alone.

I created my coaching services and my business, Be A Light Collective, to be relationship-focused. I offer in-depth, education-backed (virtual and in-person) coaching sessions and packages to help you pursue your goals fearlessly.

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You can’t do this alone. I’ve always been an independent person, but one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my professional career is that it’s okay to need people. It’s human to need people. When I started my business, Be A Light Collective, I built the foundation on relationships. My Coaching Services aren’t just opportunities to work with/learn from someone; the services are about building connections.

Writing Coaching:

I’ve worked with hundreds of writers and creatives all over the world. I’ve helped individuals peel back their layers, get vulnerable, and challenge their own fears. My goal as a Writing Coach is to create relationships; not be an editorial figure with a red pen, but someone who genuinely cares about YOU and what you have to say.

I work one-on-one with my clients, adapting to a schedule that works for each individual. My services are remote, meaning I can meet in the San Diego area (for locals), or through online video chat (for those outside of Southern California). I will not only give you effective strategies, but tools and tips you can take with you, plus the confidence to express yourself without holding back. My sessions are conversational and informal but filled with academic-based instruction and genuine passion.

You’ll love working with me and finding your unique voice.

Confidence/Clarity Coaching:

My Empowerment/Clarity Coaching is focused on you and what you specifically need, whether that’s clarity around your professional/creative direction, healing after loss, or realignment with your purpose. I’ve worked with clients worldwide, and of all industries and interest areas, areas to become independent, find their purpose, walk in their truth, and get ‘unstuck.’

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Package Types

Single Session, Brighten Package (2-Hour), Shine Package (4-Hour), Illuminate Package (6-Hour), Gold Package (10-Hour)