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The Ultimate 9 Step Guide To Becoming A Freelance Writer

Taking the jump into freelance writing is exciting! If you’re like me, and parting ways with a full-time position in order to have the independence and flexibility of a freelance schedule, this can be both scary and thrilling. Or, if you’re just looking to add a bit more side work to your daily life, this can be a perfect solution.

Becoming a freelance writer, in particular, is amazing in the fact that you can write for multiple companies through individual contracts. You’re not locked down to a certain topic, position, or even entity! You also have the freedom of creating your own schedule, and sometimes even setting your own deadlines. These are definite perks, but finding consistent work and making enough money to sustain your lifestyle are concerns that can’t be ignored, either.

When you step into freelance writing, you have to be realistic about your finances, expenses, and how hard you’re willing to work. You’ll also need to create a foundation to grow from, which includes things like developing your brand, building up your social media, getting your name out there, and landing your first client, among other important beginning steps.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the water of freelancing, or looking to take the leap from corporate to independent, this is a guide that will help you both begin and strengthen your career. Continue reading

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So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer: 8 Things You Need To Know

When I decided to jump headfirst into my freelance writing career, I was nervous. There were so many doubts that filled my mind: What if I’m not successful? Can’t do this? Don’t make any money? What if I fail? But the most important hurdle I had to overcome—which inevitably led to the start of what is now a strong and fulfilling career—was pushing doubt out of my mind. I had to know, beyond a doubt that I was capable. I had to stop letting outside voices, or even inner ones hold me back. I had to stop being ruled by fear.

The road to becoming a freelance writer is tough. And I mean tough. At first, you flounder. You search for jobs, you apply with no response, or you find something that you think fits and don’t get accepted. You’re confused on whether to pay for job sources, to change your resume or LinkedIn bio, to settle for odd jobs just to make ends meet. You struggle.

But then, over time, you build clientele. You grow. In time, you learn what kind of jobs fit your skills and you apply for them with ease. You start to own your identity and strengths and find individuals and companies that will support and recommend you. You begin to feel confident, and thus opportunities come to you. But it all starts with that first step. And, of course, a few other things, which I’ve outlined in this list.

I love my career, the opportunities I’ve chased and been given, and the people I’ve met and worked with along the way. If you feel freelancing is your passion, I hope this list gives you the excitement and information you need to finally get started. Continue reading