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From 2015 – 2018, I was a Staff Writer, Editor, Content Creator & Producer for Thought & Expression Company (Thought Catalog), an independent publishing house and digital magazine with over 30 million monthly readers centered on contemporary culture, lifestyle, literature, and art.

With Thought Catalog, I published thousands of articles on love, relationships, empowerment, self-love, faith, education, music/culture, the zodiac, poetry, healthy living, identity, and purpose, including several viral articles and sponsored content for Taco Bell, SKYY Infusions, eBay, Café Bustelo®, Blumhouse Tilt, Brita, The Cybersmile Foundation, Discover, Hampton, and the US Air Force, among others.

Since my start in 2015, my writing has garnished over 21.2+ million page views (and counting!). I also released three books: Somewhere on a Highway, a collection of poems, and two short essay compilations, ‘Fiercely Independent (Most Days)’ and ‘Big Heart Problems.’ I also collaborated on, compiled, and edited the short book, ‘To My Fellow Women‘.

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