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From 2015 – 2018, Marisa was a Staff Writer, Producer, Editor and Content Creator for Thought & Expression Company (Thought Catalog), an independent publishing house and digital magazine with over 30 million monthly readers centered on contemporary culture, lifestyle, literature and art.

Through Thought Catalog she published thousands of articles on love, relationships, empowerment, self-love, faith, education, music/culture, the zodiac, poetry, healthy living, identity, and purpose, including several viral articles and sponsored content for Taco Bell, SKYY Infusions, eBay, Café Bustelo®, Blumhouse Tilt, Brita, The Cybersmile Foundation, Discover, Hampton, and the US Air Force, among others.

Since her start in 2015, she has culminated over 21.2+ million page views. She also released three books: Somewhere on a Highway, a collection of poems; two short essay compilations, ‘Fiercely Independent (Most Days)’ and ‘Big Heart Problems;’ as well as a collaboration she complied and edited, ‘To My Fellow Women‘.

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