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5 Time-Saving Apps To Keep You On Task

Let’s face it. Regardless of how much attention you try to keep on your work, how much caffeine you intake, or how quiet the environment around you is, there’s inevitably going to be something to distract you. And in the age of social media and non-stop notifications, staying on task is even more of a challenge.

Fortunately, though, there are apps that promise to not only save you time, but reduce those unnecessary and cumbersome distractions so that your focus is actually on the task at hand.

When it comes to being truly productive, turning off your phone sounds like an excellent idea. But is this feasible? Most people need to be connected in one way or another, or at least be available to answer an email if an emergency arises. Turning your phone off or on airplane doesn’t always make sense. And if you work online? Forget it!

This list of apps won’t require you to turn or shut off things you need, but they won’t clutter your phone with unnecessary messages, either. Instead, these apps monitor your scrolling time so that you truly see how much time you’re wasting. They set up timers for work vs. browsing time, and they integrate scheduling with your email interface.

Regardless of what your profession, or career/student status, these apps will help you to keep yourself focused and on task.

1. Asana

Great for individuals or teams, this app helps you create projects in list or board form so that others can easily add insight. In the app you seamlessly integrate thoughts in one place. There’s even the option to create to-do lists to keep yourself or your partners/coworkers on task.

2. Freedom

One of the best apps for freelancers (and others who work on self-motivated or time-restrained schedules), Freedom helps by shutting down social media sites. Instead of putting your phone or computer on airplane mode, you are notified about the most important things, yet not distracted. You can also customize this, depending on what you want on or off so you’re not totally removed.

3. GoalsOnTrack

Ideal for setting career goals, this app helps tremendously when it comes to personal productivity. Not only do you have the option to create goals, but you track progress in real time. Plus, you can journal right in the app about your ideas, thoughts, road bumps, and successes along the way.

4. SaneBox

Okay, maybe you’ve seen the latest Gmail update where you get reminders about emails you haven’t answered yet, or may need to follow up on. Some people love this feature, and others get annoyed. Regardless of your preference, SaneBox does all this and more. The app merges with your inbox and helps you keep track of things to respond to or pay attention to. Plus, it cycles through your spam and makes sure nothing important gets lost.

5. RescueTime

Are you guilty of endlessly scrolling, or often distracted by social media and other notifications? This app helps to track and monitor the time you spend browsing in order to bring potential issues to your attention. You can also set it up to block distracting websites completely.

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