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Best Online Video Platforms For Business (& How To Use Them)

With a national stay at home order passed just days ago, businesses and individuals are scrambling for ways to *virtualize* the products and services they offer. Or, simply find ways to stay connected (personally and professionally) with everything shifting online.

Whether you’re a business owner, remote worker, freelancer, or somewhere in-between, sifting through the best online video platforms can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry—I’ve done the hard work for you. Here are some of the best online video platforms (in my opinion) and how to use them:

1. Zoom

I love Zoom for the simplicity and effective interface. Forbes shared an article just days ago about how CEO Eric Yuan is offering free Zoom for schools, so it’s no wonder the platform is booming right now!

Zoom is simple to use but is advanced enough to be enjoyed by businesses and individuals alike. There are options for meetings to be made in-the-moment, or scheduled ahead of time. There’s also a simple way to copy links and invitations to clients, which can be shown on this tutorial video:

Have questions about using Zoom? Feel free to comment below!

2. Google Hangouts

I often use Google Hangouts for scheduling my coaching sessions because it easily syncs up with my Google Calendar (the main calendar interface I use). If you’re a Google user, or value integrations between the different services you already have, this might be your best option.

Here’s a quick video for navigating the platform:

Want to learn more about Google Hangouts? Feel free to leave a comment.

3. Skype

Skype makes the list as one of the best online video platforms because it allows for international connections without difficulty (unlike Google Hangouts, which I’ve had some trouble with in the past). Skype, like Zoom, is effective for worldwide usage. The only downside is that you can’t necessarily host as many people in your calls and you don’t have the option to schedule in advance.

However, you can always invite or copy a link to a call and send to someone for in-the-moment connection. The sound and video quality are also solid, so there are no issues—as long as you have a good internet connection, you’re set!

Here’s a video for navigating Skype:

Want to ask a question about Skype? Feel free to comment below!

4. Loom

If video recording is your thing, then I’d definitely suggest Loom. Loom is a user-friendly online video platform that allows you to record (both the screen and the camera) so that you can easily screen record or record yourself doing something online. This is awesome if you’re a coach, for example, and want to edit a document on the screen for your client. It’s also great for making tutorial videos!

If you’re interested in using Loom, click here or drop a comment below!

5. YouTube

YouTube is one of the platforms I’d consider for more *advanced* users, solely because the customization and SEO options are far advanced than other platforms. YouTube is a hosting service that allows others to access your videos. It’s great if you’re thinking about, for example, creating a video series for your students (here’s an example of one I’m making for my students reading House On Mango Street).

YouTube also has a ‘Creator Studio’ that gives you options to customize header images, links, titles, and more. It’s great for wanting to show your clients, customers, or team members content over and over. It’s also helpful as a reference point to send people to, rather than explaining things multiple times.

Curious about ways you can use YouTube for your business? Comment your questions/thoughts below!

6. Firework

I’m new to Firework, but I love the platform already! [Here’s my creator profile if you’d like to connect!] The app, although fun in nature, can also be an amazing outlet for businesses to network and advertise. Not only can you create your own videos to market different facets of your professional/personal entities, but publishers can also work with advertisers to share content on their feeds and generate revenue. It’s a great way to build business opportunities remote!

Want to learn more about Firework? Comment below.

Am I missing a platform you’d like to see included? Do you have ideas or recommendations? Send me an email and I’d be happy to discuss and/or consider your business or brand. In the meantime, happy #quarantine!

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