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6 Of My Favorite Stress Relief Products (On Amazon)

We’re all stressed, aren’t we? Although I’d like to pretend I’m doing just fine when it comes to time management and relaxation, I know that’s not the truth for me. And it’s probably not for any of us, if we’re being honest. Regardless of what our industry or profession is, we’re still going to face moments of major stress.

From meeting deadlines, to getting projects completed on time, to having awkward conversations with bosses, life gives us moments of high anxiety far too often. But maybe it’s less about avoiding those difficult moments than it is about finding ways to get through them.

Over the last year I’ve transitioned from a full time job as a Staff Writer/Editor to a full-time freelancer and business owner. Both jobs have had their fair share of chaos and craziness, but I’ve found a few solutions for managing my anxiety levels. From an adult coloring book, to a specifically designed pillow, here are my favorite stress relief products on Amazon.

1. An Adult Coloring Book

Hands down, my favorite stress relief products are coloring books. Honestly who doesn’t like to color? And when you find a book that really fits your personality and vibe, it feels like you’re putting some of yourself onto the page.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stuck with my writing, I’ll open up a page. Pulling myself out of the moment and into the book centers me in relaxation. And when I’m done, I often find I’m more creative and ready to write, too.

You can find my favorite color book on Amazon right here. Or browse my coloring book collections, here.

2. Wearable Headache Relief Bands

I’m not always prone to headaches, but when I get them, they’re bad.

A few months ago, I invested in these acupressure bands that press against the trigger points in my palms. For someone like me, who’s typing a million hours a day, it’s not only helpful to reduce hand stress, but reduces head pressure, too. I’d highly suggest them if you’re someone who’s prone to migraines, or struggling with digital eye strain.

You can find the relief bands on Amazon right here.


3. Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Stress and eye strain go hand-in-hand for me, especially because I work from a computer a large majority of the day. After sitting and staring at a screen for so many hours, I not only feel physically tired, but I can feel the tension around my temples. And I know exactly when a headache is coming on, too.

A few weeks ago I invested in a pair of blue light-blocker glasses from LadyBoss Glasses. I love these because they’re fun, but also effective. At first I was skeptical about whether or not they would work for me (especially because I have contacts). I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised! These glasses have not only helped me to have less headaches, but I can feel (and see) the difference in how my eyes and brain feel after a day of work. Whether or not you have glasses already (these are non-prescription!) I would highly recommend. They reduce my stress levels and strain in major ways.

You can buy your own glasses on the LadyBoss Glasses website.

4. Cervical Neck Pillow

Two years ago, I went to the chiropractor religiously after suffering a lower back injury. I went from constant discomfort to being able to walk, run, and deadlift weights in a matter of 9 months! The transformation was incredible, and was just another confirmation of the benefits of chiropractic care.

Since I’m no longer facing as terrible as pain as I once did, I’ve opted for some home remedies to tide me over between routine adjustments. I love this neck pillow because it forms to the natural curve in your neck, in order to reduce pressure and keep the spine elongated.

For someone who’s always on the computer, I find myself hunching more than I’d like to admit. This pillow has been a lifesaver in helping me keep correct posture and fix any nagging kinks that come up with work and sleep.

You can get your own chiropractic neck pillow on Amazon right here.

5. This Paint-By-Sticker Book

Sometimes I just don’t have the mental energy to color (even though it’s the easiest thing in the world). On those days, or days where I’m just lazy, I love this paint-by-sticker book. Coloring, painting, or really anything artistic—those are always the best stress relief products. This is the easiest art project ever! Plus it’s one of the most no-brainer stress relief activities. You literally attach the stickers in their rightful places and watch a masterpiece happen.

For people who are normally right-brained, this is an easy left-brain activity with minimal creativity. Plus, it’s fun.

Here’s where you can buy your own sticker book on Amazon.


6. This Foot Massage Tool

Plantar fasciitis runs in my family. I used to have it terribly bad; now the pain has subsided, but I do feel a lot of stress in my feet, especially when I’m active and working out.

To combat this, I use this handy, under-the-desk foot massaging tool. This massager is designed with trigger point design, reaching to and adding pressure on certain areas of your foot (primarily arches and heels). It’s great for deep tissue, but the amount of pressure depends on how much you want to add (which is great because you’re in control). I also like it because it’s non-obtrusive. You can easily put it under your desk and use it while you’re sitting.

You can buy your own foot massaging tool on Amazon right here.

Remember: Stress Is A Part Of Life

Stress is okay (and natural) but you don’t have to be stuck with it.

It’s taken me a long time to realize and accept that, but now I’ve grown comfortable with both the ups and downs as they make me stronger every day. This is a running list of my favorite stress relief products that I’ll add to as I find more things that fit and fulfill me.

Feel free to share your own ideas below, too.

Featured Image Credit: J. Kelly Brito

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