busy woman looking out over balcony

Busy Women: Stop Apologizing For Your Drive

Busy Women,

Women with children on their hips, lovers on their arms, dreams and plans and to-do lists thirteen pages long. Women with wide-eyes and full hearts, with hands outstretched and reaching to the sky. Women with businesses and beliefs, with companies and colleagues. Women with full inboxes and long email threads and hopes for the future. Women like you and me.

Stop apologizing.
Stop apologizing for your drive, for your energy, for the way you see ideas as opportunities and people as connections. Stop apologizing for the way you exist as a beautiful paradox of both emotional and stoic, of simultaneously soft and strong.

Stop apologizing for the partnerships you’ve created, the problems you’ve solved, the boldness you’ve embodied, simply in stepping into a room.

Stop apologizing for the way you carry yourself, proud and wild and unafraid.

The world tells you to slow down, to bite your tongue, to sit, to rest, to be still. The world cautions you against being ‘too big,’ as if they are already afraid of all that you have the potential to be.

The world speaks words of silence and nerves, longing for you to be safe, to be comfortable. But you have never craved those things.

To you, passion has always outweighed stability. To you, following dreams and listening to your own heart and head have come first before anything else.

Stop apologizing for the fact that you didn’t wait, didn’t let anyone else take the reins. That you walked forward, even in the moments you weren’t quite sure, learning with every step. Stop apologizing for the dedication, the wholeheartedness in which you threw yourself into your work, your career, your goals and never once looked back with regret.

Stop apologizing for filling your schedule, for doing more, for never settling.

Busy women are bold women, are brave women. Busy women are empowered women, are fearless women. Busy women are fulfilled women—writing their own story, walking their own path—with their voice, with their soles, with their soul.

If you are one of these busy women, be proud.
For you, my dear, have the power to change the world.


Featured Image Credit: Jakob Owens