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How To Create A More Connected Workforce

Having a connected workforce is so important, whether you’re employed at a huge corporation, manage a large team, or run your own gig as a solopreneur. If you’ve ever had a job where there was little-to-no employee camaraderie/culture, or if you’ve ever found yourself feeling lonely while working remotely, you know what I mean!

When we’re disconnected from our fellow employees or clients, it feels like we’re closed off or separated. And honestly, this often results in poor work performance, productivity, and joy around our careers.

So, whether you have employees or work for yourself, here’s how you can create a more connected workforce, feel less isolated, and ultimately, produce higher quality work!

1. Start With A Clear Mission Statement

Many people and companies alike underestimate the value of a passionately-written mission statement!

A mission statement is something everyone in the workforce can get behind; it gives them drive and purpose. People are more likely to feel connected to their coworkers and organization when they have a force that brings them a sense of meaning. And even if you work for yourself, this applies, too! When you know what you’re doing, and more importantly, why you’re doing it, you’ll be more motivated to perform at your highest.

2. Offer Opportunities For Mentorship

It is all too common for workers to feel disconnected from anyone above them in their organization. When this divide occurs in the workplace, employees feel like they have no opportunity to grow. What’s more, it creates a sense of “otherness” that can easily separate people at the company.

That is why it is a great idea to implement mentorship programs for various teams at the organization. A mentorship program will provide employees with more opportunities for career advancement, bridging the divide.

Work for yourself? It’s easy to find opportunities for mentorship through previous teachers/leaders, by taking classes and expanding your education, or by reaching out to those you admire and learning how you can get involved with initiatives that they run or are a part of.

3. Provide a Platform

There is nothing worse than speaking your mind and feeling like you aren’t being heard or understood. Companies that make efforts to create a work culture that prioritizes inclusion tend to have higher employee retention rates. These companies can retain more workers because, in part, employees feel like their opinions matter and that their leaders will consider those opinions. This is just one of the reasons why you should consider providing a platform for people to voice concerns and opinions!

Even if you run your own business, you should consider this on behalf of your clients. How are you ensuring that their perspectives are being heard? Is there a way that they can connect directly with you to improve their services and relationships with you? Answering those questions can help you create a more connected workforce, whether your business is big or small, yours or someone else’s.

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