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Morning Routine Ideas (To Get You Productive Even Earlier)

Mornings are tough, am I right?! More than likely you’re groggy, scrambling to get ready, in a rush to head out to door, and potentially even catching up on yesterday’s to-do list. You’re eating, meal-prepping, picking out clothes, organizing—everything—and all at once. The last thing you want to do is waste precious time, or forget something you need to bring, wear, or get done. That’s why having an efficient morning routine is important for anyone serious about their career/professional life (and personal, too!).

An efficient morning routine incorporates a few main things: it’s fast but not chaotic, it gets you ready for the day, it energizes you (naturally, and with a little caffeine if preferred), and it propels you forward instead of running behind.

Regardless if you’re a morning person like me (which has its benefits), or someone who has to hit snooze a few too many times before heading out the door (which isn’t wrong, by the way!), simplifying your routine with these steps and tips will change a ‘blah’ morning into a strong morning. Let’s shift your mindset, your schedule, and (hopefully) the way you start your days.

1. Prep your clothes (and your meals!) before you fall asleep.

I started the ‘clothes prep’ back in high school and as dramatic as this sounds, it’s changed my life. I used to be a picky outfit person. I’d shift my clothing based on my mood, the weather, my gym time—really everything I could—just to make an excuse. But when I took the time to decide on my outfit the night before I found that I was both excited and efficient heading into my day. I knew, already, what I was going to wear and so the mindset was already there. Then I could easily grab a jacket, shed a layer, or pick shoes that made sense before heading out the door.

As for meals, this has been a slower process but it’s great to wake up and not have to scramble to gather lunches, snack, and breakfast. Something I love that I’ve tried recently are these Overnight Oats. I love these because I can easily make them (in a blender bottle!) the night before and grab as I head out. I also love meals that can be thrown in the microwave, but don’t have all the nasty preservatives and sugars that come with most pre-packaged meals. TastyBite (with their Chicken Masala) and other amazing recipes, has been my saving grace for lunch and dinner because all I have to do is warm the fresh ingredients up!

Taking the time to prep clothes + meals beforehand saves me so much time and has made my writing and working a lot easier.

2. Get your caffeine ready before bed.

This is so simple, but I bet you haven’t done it. Prep your coffee or tea the night before. As simple as scooping your grounds, refilling the water, or setting up the tea bag can save you minutes in the morning.

3. Adapt a more ‘minimalist’ beauty routine, when possible.

In an effort to save yourself some time, opt for being a bit more minimalist when you can. Go for a light brushing of mascara or moisturizer that doesn’t need extra time to absorb. Can you opt for a dry shampoo (this one is my absolute favorite!) that keeps you from washing your hair each morning? Little things make a big difference.

4. Opt for a morning workout (if possible).

Nothing energizes you like a morning workout. Even if you’re not a morning person, try this for a few days. Be diligent about getting enough sleep, setting your alarms, and pulling yourself out of bed. You’ll find that you have a lot more energy once you get your blood pumping, which in turn will help you plow through your morning routine a bit faster.

5. Be consistent with what you take to the office.

Opt for a one or two-bag ‘rule.’ Always take the same purse, laptop bag, brief case etc. and don’t switch unless you really need to. Or, alternatively, have bags you switch from, but be clear (to yourself) about what days you’ll use/bring what.

6. Keep all your items by the door.

Be diligent about leaving your purse, jacket, keys, and other daily items by the door so that you can grab them instead of wasting time searching. Create a little hook or hanger, a drop area for your bag, etc. Or, if you must put them somewhere else, make sure that when you’re done using everything at the end of the night, you’ve double-checked where it all is.

Simple, but helpful in saving you some minutes each morning.

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