How To Effectively Use Video Marketing (In The Time Of COVID-19)

We live in a digital age; there’s no doubt about that. But beyond the impact of technology on our personal and professional ventures, the recent ‘Stay-at-Home’ orders and fear surrounding COVID-19 has people’s wheels turning. How can you effectively use video marketing? Grow your business? Scale your online impact?

These are questions we’re all asking lately. And as businesses (and individuals) dive into the virtual space, knowing how to properly incorporate and use video platforms isn’t just important; it’s necessary.

Here are ways—whether you’re a novice or well-versed—to tap into video options to grow your online reach:

1. Understand how (and where) to use video marketing.

Video marketing has gained incredible popularity in recent years. According to the latest research, over 86% of businesses incorporate videos on their websites, and over 77% of social media is centered on videos over static graphics or text posts.

When people engage in video, they’re far more likely to stay on your page (2.6x longer, to be exact!) which, in the world of business, leads to a much higher conversion rate.

So where do you start? Analyze how videos can be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Can you advertise your products or services through video? Can you use video for appeal on social media? Can you share an interview-style conversation with you/your company’s leader or a behind-the-scenes feature? Once you know how and where to incorporate video, the rest is simple!

how video marketing can help your business

2. Consider why your particular audience will care.

When it comes to video marketing, you have to think about your personal/business ventures and how this connects to your audience.

What’s your focus? Above all, are you trying to share a message with your audience? Teach them something? Show them the value of investing in your product or service?

Consumers engage with videos for many reasons. Perhaps they want to learn more about products (74%). Others may engage with videos because they’re curious and in turn, are more inclined to purchase (77%). For some, videos are the main connection point to your business. Or, sometimes it’s a way to disengage from the rest of the world (a distraction tool).

As you consider video marketing, think about the people who reference your page(s) the most. What are they searching for or are interested in? Can you tap into that through your videos?

value of video marketing

3. Think about ways to turn a profit.

Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves—video marketing is a wonderful tool to help you earn revenue. (And that’s what we’re all aiming towards as business owners or entrepreneurs, right?!)

Videos have a way to impact that goes far beyond static images. Videos move, they can have sound, they incorporate color and visuals—and above all, they play a role in convincing consumers to invest.

Research shows that 90% (!!) of consumers say video marketing helps them in making final purchase decisions. With statistics like that, why wouldn’t you consider video marketing as a business strategy?

value of video marketing and online shopping

4. Evaluate the social impact.

Videos have been growing in popularity on social media. It’s easy to see this when you scroll through Facebook or Instagram and come across clip after clip. Why this change? Well, to put it simply: videos engage viewers for longer periods of time.

Videos also offer the opportunity to share about something in multiple ways—visuals, voice-overs, close-captioning, and even embedded links within a video post.

As you consider video marketing, think about how your videos could also be shared on social media. Also, think about the platforms you commonly use and where you could apply the videos you create. For teachers, educators, and coaches, for example, YouTube is a great channel for uploading virtual courses or classes.

video marketing on social media

5. Analyze the current trends.

The state of video marketing is always changing. If you look at the research over the years, you’ll find that what people engaged with (and how they engaged) has varied, especially as social media and online platforms have shifted to accommodate new users, models, and ideas.

If your goal is to use video marketing to build your business, it’s a good idea to think about best practices for engagement. For example, considering desktop and mobile integration if your users are active on both platforms. Or, posting during the most popular viewing times: Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 7-10 AM PST.

video marketing in today's world

Other Video Tips:

Viewers are engaging with videos in different ways, and it’s important to pay attention to that. It’s also valuable to remember your videos will look and act differently on different platforms. The more you keep that in mind, the higher quality your videos will be.

Think about sound + captions:

Some videos, when scrolled through, are actually muted (think about Facebook videos, for example). This may be a reason to consider close-captioning for when people are scrolling in public places and might not want to have the sound played aloud.

People enjoy seeing people:

When it comes to considering what you’ll actually put in your videos, think about the personal aspect. If your viewers feel connected, perhaps they’ll watch for longer.

Remember the value of proper optimization:

Be sure, when cross-posting videos (on multiple platforms), that you’re considering how they’ll look on different-sized screens. A vertical Instagram story video might not look the same on a square feed. Paying attention to this can help with engagement!

the future of video marketing

Ready to Start Creating?

Video marketing, although overwhelming at first, doesn’t have to be so hard. When you’re walking in with the proper mindset and sound understanding of best practices, you’re already farther than most.

Polishing your content comes with continued creation and perhaps, as you grow, hiring a professional to help you.

Whether you’re just starting out and learning how to use video marketing for the first time, or have years of experience with video creation and integrating platforms for your business, hopefully this has helped you see the value in this online medium!

If you have any questions about video creation or want to learn more, feel free to drop a comment or send me an email!

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