Embrace the Shift

Episode 52 – Embrace The Shift (ft. Deena Von Yokes)

What does it mean to ’embrace the shift’? In this episode of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, host Marisa Donnelly welcomes Deena Von Yokes, founder of Studio Savvy Salon in San Diego, California to talk about overcoming obstacles and leaning into change (especially in the wake of COVID-19).

Deena, like many business owners during the pandemic, has faced pain, frustration, and the unexpected. In this episode, she candidly speaks about her experiences and what she’s learned. She also shares advice for others who may be feeling disconnected or looking to leave their comfort zones.

Highlights From the Episode:

[4:40] “I’m starting to recognize that in order to grow my business and have it grow into a path that really makes sense, and helps others, and trains others, is to get myself out from behind the chair more.”

[6:00] “People are going to leave… nine years, two years, whatever it is. They’re going to move into a new spectrum for them. And you need to keep being a good mentor and good trainer and bringing new ones in.”

[6:15] “There are so many options you can do with your career. If don’t like one option, there’s another.”

[6:50] “For the longest time, I felt I needed to choose an avenue and stick with it. But what I’ve learned, recently, is that it’s good to try all those different things and see what you like. And sometimes even do multiple things (within reason, of course).”

[7:20] “Sometimes it’s just good to try everything… and then you’ll figure it out.”

[8:15] “I think that the biggest thing is to continue to look for inspiration in your industry.”

[12:20] “It’s a testament to you as a leader if you’re having people leave and create their own businesses. [If that happens], then you were obviously leading in a great way. Enough that somebody says, ‘Yeah, I can do this, too.'”

[13:10] “I’m a firm believer that there’s power in numbers, and when you work as a team, you can create these amazing things that you would not be able to do on your own.”

[14:25] “I am all about energy breeds energy, and I want to be around people so that we can keep inspiring one another.”

[14:40] “[Solo] energy is great, but there’s something to be said for the energy of community.”

[21:00] “Things aren’t always going to go our way. And there’s always going to be something good and new that comes out of it. Sometimes we just have to shift and look at it from a different angle.”

[21:30] “You don’t have to make people wrong in order to make a shift in your life.”

[22:45] “For anyone who’s listening and wants to make a change, if they’re trying to leave somewhere, leave with love. You don’t have to leave with finding something wrong and then [thinking] it’s easier to go.”

[23:40] “You were where you were for a certain amount of time, and that has value, even if it doesn’t fit anymore.”

[25:00] “If you go and dig really deep, we all have that fighting human spirit in us, and we can pick up all the pieces.”

[26:50] “Look for transformation in your life because it’s definitely there.”

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