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4 Little Ways To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

Productivity is such a buzzword, isn’t it? We’re always trying to find new ways to increase our time on task, to be more efficient, and to get more done. It’s true that sometimes we’re simply putting too much on our plates. That’s why the opposite perspective—keeping a work-life balance—is just as important, too.

But at the end of the day, you can’t have relaxation and balance without kicking your own butt first.

That’s why increasing workplace productivity is essential, not only for your personal well-being and sanity, but for job satisfaction and overall workflow. From implementing calendars to keep yourself organized to using automation for no-brainer tasks, here are four little ways to get more done with less effort.

1. Create a balanced schedule that sets you (and others) up for success.

Balance, ironically, is key for workplace productivity and satisfaction. When you’re balanced between work and play, higher-level and rudimentary tasks, etc. you’re more apt to feel confident as you knock items off your list.

Creating that balance also gives you tangible ways of accomplishing what needs to be done. It can also show you the exact steps to get from point A to point B through essentially a ‘rewards system.’ You’ll see that for every hard thing you master, there’s something simpler. The simple tasks then become the ‘reward’ pushing you forward. This ultimately helps you feel more and more successful as you go.

2. Use automation to limit your workload.

If you haven’t heard of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) yet, then this is a must! RPA is robotic technology that allows you to configure the software to complete tasks by mimicking human actions. In simple terms, this means you can use robotic software like RoboWorx in your workplace to mimic the no-brainer tasks you do. This saves you time, money, and effort every day.

Anything you think could be done automatically can be passed to the RoboWorx Studio, recorded, and copied. With integrations for Microsoft, Excel, Oracle, etc. it’s basically a seamless process that helps you focus on higher level tasks while getting the basics done. Plus, with consultants there every step of the way, the integration and set-up is far less complicated than you think.

3. Boost comradery and a team mentality.

It’s amazing how powerful working together can be, especially in the workplace. If you’re a boss or leader in your job, it’s easier to implement this change because you have the power to get people to work together. For someone in an employee role, this may be more challenging, but not impossible.

The most important thing to remember is that when you build relationships with the people you work with, you create trust. Although it’s recommended to be careful with workplace relationships, there’s a definite difference between a bond and romantic relationship. (The latter often frowned upon.)

As long as you’re creating healthy boundaries and making sure that the relationships you make are professional, these connections can help to boost workplace productivity. Now, instead of individuals chasing their own pursuits, there’s teamwork and a desire to work together for a common goal.

4. Build opportunities for autonomy.

It’s important for people to feel as if they have a say in what’s happening at work. Whether that’s simply the ability to choose how a project gets done or to answer clients directly, etc. giving yourself (and others) the ability to have autonomy in their work is an easy way to boost productivity.

When people can choose for themselves how they want to accomplish a task, they’re more apt to do it and have more confidence over the ownership.

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