The Self-Love Journey Honoring Your Inner Diva

Episode 48 – The Self-Love Journey: Honoring Your Inner Diva (ft. Jacqueline Ortiz)

In this episode of VulnerABILITY, Marisa dives into a deep conversation with Jacqueline Ortiz, the self-proclaimed ‘Self-Love Diva’ who shares actionable tips and advice for loving your inner child and finding peace in your identity. Among guiding women towards clarity with their inner feelings and desires, Jacqueline also talks about how the vibe you portray attracts the love you desire.

Highlights From The Episode:

[1:00] “It’s all about falling deeply in love with yourself.”

[1:10] “Your skin is the largest organ in your body. You might as well get used to it and fall in love with yourself. And that is what actually attracts everything you want into your life. Not just attracts a quality man, but attracts abundance and happiness and joy.”

[2:05] “I’m really about teaching women how they could really empower themselves to feel good about themselves and feel really good in their own skin.”

[3:10] “People only show their best selves on social media. I get it, I mean, who doesn’t want to show their best selves? But what are we missing behind the scenes? The truth about people’s messy self-discovery?”

[3:20] “Vulnerability is connection. Because when we open up and we become vulnerable, we really connect with our inner selves… but we also connect with other people. Vulnerability is currency; it’s connection. And connection, to me, is currency.”

[3:45] “When we peel off the layers and the masks, and we’re just vulnerable and authentic, that opens up communication because then the other person also feels free to open up. And if we can be brave enough to open up and be vulnerable—wow. What a world we’ll be living in.”

[4:15] “When we are vulnerable, that is when we truly grow and connect with others.”

[7:00] “It’s so powerful, how, even though we are going through this ‘perfect storm’ [COVID-19] as you said, there’s still so many beautiful things that are coming out of it, especially in terms of the connections we have with others and the way people are really leaning on one another. That, to me, is so powerful that even in the midst of so much frustration and financial struggles and fear, that people are saying, ‘Well, I want to learn how to love myself and others better.'”

[7:55] “Some of the people that have the most issues with staying home and being isolated are the people who are really afraid to look within.”

[8:20] “It’s so important, so vital right now, to take this time to deeply, deeply connect in a very profound way with your inner self. What it is that you’re feeling? What do you want? How do you want to transform your life going forward? And use this time to evolve.”

[8:35] “I believe what isn’t growing is dying, so it’s time for you to grow and evolve and to really tap into your inner essence and where you want to go moving forward, what direction?”

[9:20] “Stare at yourself in the mirror with your eyes and really look at yourself and ask what is it that you’re feeling?”

[9:40] “There’s an inner part of you, the inner child that’s scared right now.”

[10:10] “Put your hands to your heart and really close your eyes and take a deep breath, and breathe into that part of you that feels scared and isolated.”

[10:45] “Emotions are like two-year-olds… not going to go away until you stop what you’re doing.”

[12:20] “Take a deep breath and relax, and you will see that your emotional triggers will just calm down a lot.”

[13:40] “Until you say, ‘Okay, what am I feeling? Let me feel it.’ You don’t really get anywhere…If we saw our emotions like we saw our children, things that we have to handle, and let ourselves feel, and acknowledge, then maybe that would really reshape how we are talking to ourselves. ”

[15:55] “‘I am’ are the most powerful words on the planet in any language you speak because when you say, ‘I am’ you are taking a stance, you’re making a declaration, you’re identifying with it. It becomes a way of your being.”

[17:25] “There’s so much healing that comes in that self-reflective process.”

[17:40] “We’re so forward-driven and we just try to get through things. And we don’t always take the time to say, ‘Hey, I’m overwhelmed, I’m sad, I’m frustrated, I’m angry, I’m tired.’ You know, whatever it is. We don’t really let ourselves feel those emotions because we’re so quick to get to the next thing.”

[18:25] “I think the most important investment on the planet is your investment in YOU.”

[19:45] “Once you start falling in love with yourself and you keep building and cultivating and nurturing that relationship with yourself, you will see that your energetic vibration will absolutely shift. Your mind will shift. Because when you start falling in love with yourself, you’ll start talking to yourself in a different way. You’ll start thinking in a more positive way, and thoughts are really things. It’s all about energy.”

[21:40] “The glass has the same amount of water whether you want to say it’s half-empty or half-full. But if you’re looking at it half-full, you’re almost there as opposed to ‘you have such a long way to go.’ And it’s the same glass.”

[22:45] “I really believe you won’t find a high-quality sense of self-love and that amazing, healthy relationship until you learn to love yourself. Because you’re looking at love like you’re giving to get. But when you’re full, really full of yourself, full of joy, full of love to give—abundance, overflowing—that’s when you’re giving just to give. With no agenda, no scarcity mentality, just giving.”

[23:35] “When you’re giving from that [abundance] people receive in a different way. They don’t feel obligated, they don’t feel resentment, they don’t feel need or clinginess, or they don’t feel like they need to run away because they’re being pushed. And when you give that type of love, you will receive that type of love in return because it’s a different vibration.”

[24:27] “I’m already full, so I’m not looking for all the things that I think I lack in somebody else. I’m looking for somebody who is a partner.”

[24:50] “I think we’ve been conditioned to seek our ‘other half,’ or look for that person who’s going to ‘complete us.’ So we’re chasing and looking for all these things we think we don’t have. But it’s like, what if we took that energy, [and] poured it into ourselves so that the relationship and people that we’re attracting are the people who meet us halfway as opposed to imbalance?”

[27:15] “It’s so easy for us to say, ‘Yeah, I know what self-love is.’ And intellectually, conceptually we might. But it’s different to actually feel it.”

[29:15] “Allowing yourself and giving yourself the space to acknowledge what you’re feeling: good, bad, and in-between, as a starting point. And saying, ‘How am I feeling right now? What do I need?”

[32:15] “It’s so important to teach your child how to love themselves by showing them how you love yourself.”

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