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5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Desk Free From Clutter

When you constantly work, play, and live at home, it’s even more important to keep your office desk free from clutter. This will help you stay organized both mentally and physically. When your desk is a mess, your headspace is most likely a reflection of that space, and you won’t be able to get a lot of work done.

Here are a few tips for getting your workspace back on track in order to be the most productive you can be!

1. Use Drawers, Shelves, and Bookcases

The tabletop of a desk only has a certain amount of space, and filling it up entirely with items will only create more clutter. Strategically place shelves and bookcases in your office so that you have extra space to put things you might not use daily. If you have a custom office desk that happens to have drawers, that’s even better; use these drawers wisely for items you reach for frequently throughout the day.

2. Go Digital

If you work with many file folders or pieces of paperwork, consider transitioning to a digital organizer. Of course, you can still keep hard copies on hand, but placing the majority of your files in a digital format saves a ton of office space. If going digital intimidates you because you’ve always done your filing the same way, start small and slowly work your way toward transitioning completely.

3. Commit to a “Brain Dump” Notebook

Do you write little notes to yourself for reminders or tasks that you eventually need to put on the calendar? Keep a notebook solely for those purposes. This way, you have a single place where you can put all these items—plus, you’ll never lose anything. Writing everything down, or ‘brain dumping’ on sticky notes creates excess clutter, and you run the risk of accidentally losing important information.

4. Find a Home for Every Item

We might all be guilty of tossing things on our desks and telling ourselves we will deal with them later—but will we? The answer is most likely no, so take a couple of minutes to find a home for every item. This prevents you from losing things, and having a home for everything prevents the notorious spiral of clutter from filling up your workspace.

5. Set Aside Five Minutes To Declutter

Set a five-minute timer on your phone at the end of every workday, and start cleaning up the clutter! You would be surprised to see how much you can get done in five minutes when you put your mind to it. Cleaning up after a stressful day sets you up for success for the following workday.

Get into the habit of keeping your office desk free from clutter, so you can focus on more important tasks throughout the day. You’ll feel better going to work, and you’ll have fewer distractions. Lose the clutter to set yourself up for success!