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5 Simple Ways To Register To Vote

Being an active citizen, caring about issues in our country, and standing up for what you believe is infinitely important, especially in today’s political climate. Action is more than just words or posts on social media, though. It’s more than arguments on Facebook and sharing passionate videos. Action is involvement. It’s backing up the words you say or share with decisions, choices, and movement. It’s writing letters to public and political figures, donating to different causes, and perhaps most importantly, backing beliefs with a vote.

With today being National Voter Registration Day, here are 5 fast and simple ways to make sure you’re registered.

1. Resistbot

By texting “VOTE” to 50409 you can check your voter registration status in 30 seconds! You can also register to vote (instantaneously in California, Colorado, Florida, and Illinois), request an absentee ballot, and find a polling place near you.

2. Vote Save America

Built by Crooked Media and “Pod Save America” podcast, Vote Save America helps you check your registration status, register, pledge to vote, and seek out any potential volunteer opportunities in your area.

3. The Twitter #BeAVoter campaign

Bet you never thought you could register to vote through social media! Well, with the Twitter campaign, you can. Twitter launched this campaign with TurboVote and can make registration possible with just a few clicks!


Like its simple title, is a place where you can check registration, get an absentee ballot, find your local polling place(s), and sign up for election reminders in just a few minutes.

5. Rock the Vote

Another easy-to-navigate website, with this site you can register and get latest news on voting rights in your state.



Featured Image Credit: Parker Johnson