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You can find an editor with a simple Google search, but how many of those editors truly care about you as a person? How many of those editors want to see you succeed, not only with your written work, but as a human?

I’ve been an editor for over ten years, and what I value the most in my Editing Services is the personalized connection. Ask anyone I’ve worked with—what comes first and foremost to me is relationships. I get to know my clients, their lives, and their stories. I build an understanding of who they are as whole people, and thus I can better work with them.

I offer a variety of different editing services based on content length and type, as well as the style of edits desired: Proofreading, Content, or Line Edits. Services assist with everything from long to short-form: books, essays, papers, projects, websites, social media content, and more.

Editing Specifics:

  • Proofreading Services: This is the final readthrough on your content. It covers spelling, grammar, language, syntax, and more! Proofreading is perfect for when you need another set of eyes on your work, or if you want to make sure your piece(s) are ready for publication and release! (Ideally, your content should be final draft or close.)
  • Content Editing Services: This editing focuses on the overall message, purpose, and theme of your work. I’ll break your content into sections and give you in-depth feedback about each part and whether it fits, or is working thematically within the whole.
  • Line Editing Services: This is a step-by-step, line-by-line type of editing that attacks everything from small errors in grammar and punctuation to thematic cohesiveness. This is what I call the ‘part AND whole’ style of editing. It focuses on everything from big-picture to tiny details, and everything in-between!

Editing Types:

  • Short-Form Content Editing: This is best for shorter work, for example, edits to pages, blogs, or newsletter/email drafts. You can see a list of options and prices in the dropdown.
  • Long-Form Content Editing: This is for content over 5K words. Please contact me for the price.
  • Editing Packages: I offer monthly editing services to allow for the cohesiveness of your voice, style, tone, and content. Use the dropdown to select what package works for you.

For any questions or for custom editing packages, please send me an email. You can feel free to browse my business website, too! For more in-depth services, check out my coaching packages right here.

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Short-Form Content (Up To 5K Words):

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Editing Packages:

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