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3 Reasons You Need To Start A Podcast

I always wanted to start a podcast. When I launched The VulnerABILITY Podcast, it was on a whim. It was a passion project, with the goal of simply sharing my heart in more than one form. Since I’m always writing, I thought it would be a neat way to share my voice with my audience. I also wanted to challenge myself to learn more with my recording equipment and stay busy (because why not, right?!)

Fast forward almost two years and this podcast sits in the top 100 in the world! I’ve featured people from all over the globe and I’ve learned so much about myself, about what I believe in, about what it truly means to be vulnerable, and about the value of transparency in a very digital, fast-moving culture.

When you start a podcast, you bring an entirely new avenue to your business or personal brand. It helps to give your content (online and in-person) a voice. And it sets you apart. Whether you’ve been thinking about starting one for a while or simply want to learn more, here’s what you need to know about jumping into the podcasting world:

1. You can expand your digital reach.

Developing your online presence and building organic reach (AKA: SEO and links) are essential to your digital growth, especially if you’re a business owner or someone who makes an income online. But even if you’re not focused on that, podcasting will naturally boost your searchability and URLs. As people search and listen, you’ll expand. And who knows? Maybe your show will become bigger than you imagine! (The possibilities are endless.)

2. You can engage with and build personal connections with an audience all over the world.

Beyond boosting your online reach, as you release podcast episodes, you’ll connect with people from everywhere. And you can even do this from the comfort of your home! Podcasting allows you to go and learn about places you may never have imagined. You’ll explore different cultures, express unique ideas, and you’ll also get to connect personally with your audience, too.

Whether or not you’re a business owner, having a touchpoint to your listers is invaluable! Through podcasting, you’ll be able to show people who you are ‘off-screen’ and share things that are perhaps more authentic and vulnerable than a polished post or photo. Your perspectives will also be challenged, too, which is so meaningful, especially in an often self-centered world.

3. You can network in meaningful ways.

Beyond connecting with co-hosts, features, and your audience, podcasting will also help you network. As your show grows, you’ll find that getting people to come onto the show or working with clients to feature their products is easier than you think. Even if that’s not your priority, you’ll begin to network with people who are listening, which opens the doors for you to be on other people’s shows or share your thoughts and expertise in different and meaningful ways.

Podcasting truly paves the way for so many authentic opportunities.

Now, Find An Easy-to-Navigate Podcaster Platform:

Although it may seem intimidating to start a podcast, it’s actually easier than you think. Before you do anything, you have to invest in a microphone. Here’s my favorite and the one I use: the Blue Yeti Microphone.

Once you have your microphone and quiet area to record (don’t worry about being ‘fancy’ — I often record in my closet!) a huge factor in creating a podcast that people will actually listen to is finding a good hosting platform. Here are a few you can host or share your podcast on:

If you’re looking for an advanced, yet user-friendly means of hosting your podcast, Blubrry is a great option. They offer a variety of different levels (and both free and paid plans) to fit your unique needs. You can also easily connect your account to your WordPress site, too.

Want to get started? Sign up here.

Stitcher, in my opinion, is like Spotify for podcasts. You can listen to shows, have access to original episodes and albums and get all of this ad-free when you sign up for a Premium plan. (Which is so worth it).

PS: Want 1 month free? Click here and use promo code: VULNERABILITY.

PPS: Have questions? Feel free to comment.

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