person listening to phone, inspiring podcasts and Ted Talks

12 Inspiring Podcasts & Ted Talks To Guide You Into 2019

When it comes to the New Year, inspiring yourself is important. I’ve always been big on resolutions, but this year instead of stressing myself out about what I have or haven’t yet reached, I’m setting intentions for the New Year. I’m looking to shift my mindset, rather than listing out ideas or (often unobtainable) goals. And instead of worrying over what I still have left to do, I’m propelling myself forward with content that empowers me.

In what can often become a stressful holiday season, I’m choosing to focus my mind—and in turn my personal and professional life—on what will push me to be a better daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, business owner, and human. I’ve spent the last few days looking through some of thebest Ted Talks of 2018, the top current podcasts, and other encouraging content. What I’ve found is that there are so many talented and uplifting people that it’s hard to choose! But I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites.

My hope is that with this list of inspiring podcasts and Ted Talks, both you and I can walk into 2019 with a positive mindset. I truly believe that what we wish to achieve is possible, and we will get there in our own time. Continue reading