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12 Inspiring Podcasts & Ted Talks To Guide You Into 2022

When it comes to the New Year, inspiring yourself is important. I’ve always been big on resolutions, but this year instead of stressing myself out about what I have or haven’t yet reached, I’m setting intentions for the New Year. I’m looking to shift my mindset, rather than listing out ideas or (often unobtainable) goals. And instead of worrying over what I still have left to do, I’m propelling myself forward with content that empowers me.

In what can often become a stressful holiday season, I’m choosing to focus my mind—and in turn my personal and professional life—on what will push me to be a better daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, business owner, and human. I’ve spent the last few days looking through some of the best Ted Talks, the top current podcasts, and other encouraging content. What I’ve found is that there are so many talented and uplifting people that it’s hard to choose! But I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites.

My hope is that with this list of inspiring podcasts and Ted Talks, both you and I can walk into 2022 with a positive mindset. I truly believe that what we wish to achieve is possible, and we will get there in our own time.

1. “Me Too Is A Movement, Not A Moment” by Tarana Burke

What I love about activist Tarana Burke’s talk is that she talks about the #MeToo movement with grace, strength, and poise. Beyond just supporting, she explains the ‘why’ behind the movement. She shares why it’s not just a ‘temporary’ fight, but an important shift in our society to free the future from sexual violence.

A standout quote: “We owe future generations nothing less than a world free of sexual violence…I believe we can build that world.”

2. “SuperSoul Conversations” by Oprah

Oprah is one of the queens when it comes to motivational podcasts. In this series, she talks to people from all walks of life: from health experts to authors, to spiritual leaders and wellness gurus. The focus is to tackle and attempt to answer life’s biggest questions.

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3. “Where Joy Hides And How To Find It” by Ingrid Fetell Lee

Ingrid Fetell Lee is a designer, and this talk blends motivation and design, as she discusses how we can find joy in the strangest of places. She explains that when we choose to hone in on our feelings, emotions, and perceptions, we get closer to the happiness we’re searching for.

4. “Goal Digger” by Jenna Kutcher

From business owners to someone just looking to build your professional life, Jenna Kutcher kills it with this podcast that focuses on manifesting your best self and life. She shares business hacks, startup tips, and so much more about the hustle.

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5. “Why We Choke Under Pressure, And How To Avoid It” by Sian Leah Beilock

An extremely relevant topic, Sian Leah Beilock (president of Barnard College and cognitive scientist), talks about how we all feel pressure. She gives strategies for overcoming obstacles/stress, and explains that when we tap into the parts of ourselves that are often on autopilot, we can get ‘unstuck.

6. “SHE Podcast” by Jordan Dooley

Hitting the podcast world by storm, Jordan Dooley (author, influencer and Christian leader) shares anecdotes about real life, being a woman of faith, love/marriage, and self-growth. She shares honestly and beautifully about religion, challenges, and finding your purpose.

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7. “How To Get Serious About Diversity And Inclusion In the Workplace” by Janet Stoval

With inclusion being a major topic in the professional world, Janet Stoval (activist and speechwriter), shares a three-part plan for creating a healthier work environment as well as strategies for being a better coworker and person.

A standout quote: “I believe that business is in a position to do something that no other entity can do. Business can dismantle racism.”

8. “The VulnerABILITY Podcast” by Marisa Donnelly

(Shameless plug!) My podcast digs deep into hard-to-discuss topics: anything from faith, to self-love, to depression, to knowing when to walk away from a person or situation. The focus is to shed our skins and create a space where openness and vulnerability are encouraged.

In other words, this podcast is like a deep coffee date with the person you trust the most.

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9. “How To Turn A Group Of Strangers Into A Team” by Amy Edmondson

This podcast by Amy Edmondson is all about creating a team structure in whatever you do, whether that be a family, classroom, or workplace. As a Harvard Business professor, she shares strategies for solving problems and honing in on individual skills to create a connected community.

A standout quote: “Because for us to team up to build the future we know we can create, none of us can do that alone.”

10. “The Lively Show” by Jess Lively

A great podcast by business coach Jess Lively, you will hear a completely different take on ‘the hustle.’ Rather than praising the rush and busyness of modern-day work, she advocates for a deeper and more balanced approach.

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11. “Style Your Mind Podcast” by Cara Alwill

This podcast is all about reinventing yourself. Cara Alwill Leyba (life coach and author) talks about transforming your life and becoming the woman you want to be.

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12. “How I Went From Child Refugee To International Model” by Halima Aden

Wow. Halima Aden, the first hijab-wearing model, shares her experience on breaking barriers, fighting through obstacles, and following her dreams. She talks about religion, stereotypes, diversity, identity, and other painful topics.

A standout quote: “The most impactful, positive, life-changing events that have happened to me are thanks to those people who are different than me.”

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