trade show booth tips

How To Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Creating a trade show booth for your business can be daunting, especially if you’re just starting out. . . Or, you’re like me and a one-woman show! There’s so much to do and so many questions to answer. What products or services will take center stage? What design will complement your brand? Where do you start?

Whether this is your first trade show or you’ve been doing this for years, here are some easy tips for making your booth stand out.

1. Start Branding Before the Event

Before you even set up your trade booth, you should be getting it to work for you. This is where branding comes in! You should promote your popup in any way you can. Raise the alarm on social media or go old school by handing out flyers. Create a hashtag and comment on your followers’—relevant—posts (assuming you’ve cultivated a following by commenting on other people’s posts and engaging with your followers in various ways, of course.) If you can’t do this, promote in any way you can: referrals, word-of-mouth, and/or online advertisements. You want to get your event out there so that people will come!

2. Give Away Something

Having several things on your table that you can give away is a big ‘in’ for attracting people to your booth. Swag reigns supreme to get people to pay attention to your booth, whether it’s headphones, shirts, or wristbands.

If they stop to get a few things, they’re more likely to ask questions and get involved in whatever it is your marketing. Make sure you have business cards and QR codes that lead to your website available as well. Giveaways, in general,  are an excellent idea for getting people curious and engaged, so don’t forget this method at your next business convention.

3. Be Intentional About The Design

Design is essential if you want to create an eye-catching trade booth. Make colors bright to catch attention while still conveying your brand. Make it playful and fun unless your brand has a “serious” voice; then, be sure to lean more into sophisticated designs and flyers. The big idea, here, is to make your brand come to life. Then, you’ll be unforgettable!

In short, your trade booth has the possibility of being unforgettable. By following these tips, your brand voice will attract your customer base loud and clear. It’s just a matter of you doing the work to stand out.