Tuning Into Frequencies

Episode 55 – Tuning Into Frequencies (ft. Janine Lopiano)

In this episode of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, Marisa connects with Janine Lopiano, cofounder of Sputnik Futures and Alice in Futureland (with Joanne De Luca) to talk about their new book, “Tuning Into Frequency: The Invisible Force that Heals Us and the Planet.” In this episode, Marisa and Janine talk about what it means to ‘tune in’ to your own frequencies to find healing, acceptance, and strength.

Highlights From The Episode:

[2:10] “The idea of ‘tuning into frequencies’ is becoming that much more aware of your presence, of your essence having an energy field.”

[4:20] “We are walking in a sea of electromagnetic frequencies.”

[6:20] “Tuning into frequencies is really understanding that energy is everywhere – from light and sunlight/lights around you, to sound, to electromagnetic waves that surround us.”

[9:45] “When you give yourself a moment of peace, or joy, or passion, you’re actually giving yourself a release of oxytocin in the brain.”

[13:25] “Even when we’re home and distancing, your emotions are connected through your Instagram, and your Facebook, and your TikTok, and your family networks. And you, in turn, can affect your friends and your friends’ friends up to three degrees or more of separation.”

[14:10] “Practice these micro-moments of self-compassion. Give yourself a moment to tune your awareness into your body. Hear your heartbeat, like really sit and listen to your heartbeat.”

[15:10] “We know that music is the universal language. We take it for granted, in a way, sometimes. The sounds around us, the music we play – there is some very, very serious research into sound and how sound will be our medicine in the future.”

[15:25] “One of the biggest things we’ve learned from these experts is that everyone has their own sound. It’s almost like a sonic fingerprint. And if you understand your own sound, you can actually heal yourself [and] you can actually find a moment of bliss.”

[17:20] “Music is the way that you can feel you are healing through frequency.”

[27:20] “Healing with the biofield and energetic healing can be a very validated alternative, and/or a first go-to in a healing process instead of going to the doctor… and taking a pill for pain or for depression. Perhaps we just need to re-tune, if you will, our bodies to resonate with us and with everything around us.”

Recommended Resources:

Janine mentioned so many incredible people in the research/scientific fields! Here are a few, plus ways to connect with her and her co-founder, Joanne De Luca:

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