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6 Tips For Turning Your Passion Into Your Power

There are countless articles and books on making a living doing what you love. In fact, I’ve written about turning passion into profit because it’s true—if you love what you’re doing, it won’t feel like work. Something I’ve learned over the last few years in being a writer and writing coach, though, is that it’s not always about the money you’re making. It’s honestly more about turning your passion into your power.

When you do something you love, you have the ability to change the world around you. You have the ability to influence people, to care about them, to inspire them—and none of that necessarily carries monetary value.

Sure, it would be ideal to make money pursuing what you love. But it’s not always about that. Sometimes truly ‘living your best life’ is about honing in on what makes you valuable, what sets you apart, what you love. And when you shift your passion into your power, everything aligns.

Here are simple tips for how to do that:

1. Find what it is that truly makes you excited to live.

Honestly, it all starts with that spark. Fourth grade was when I first realized I loved writing. I loved how the words would dance around the page, how I could create characters, how the words I said could be printed into mini laminated books. Over the years I developed my craft and to this day, I’m excited every time I pick up a pen. That’s how I know it’s my passion.

My goal, since then has been to take this passion and make something of it—not necessarily something financially savvy, per se, but something meaningful.

2. Just start—and stop making excuses.

I wish someone would have told me this back in 2007 when I was first experimenting with blog writing. I started my blogs, but I was too scared to post. I was too wrapped up in what I feared people would think or say. And I let that fear hold me back rather than start.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Truthfully there is time, there are reasons why you should, and there are fall less things standing in your way than you’ve convinced yourself there are. Trust yourself and get going.

3. Take small steps.

Turning your passion into your power starts small. No, you won’t be able to simply abandon your previous life, especially if that’s a financially stable life. No, you won’t up and quit the current job to pursue a dream. But if you’re being realistic, there are so many ways you can inject your passions into your daily life. Just take one step at a time.

4. Use every creative resource you have to build behind-the-scenes.

When you’re growing—personally or professionally—a lot happens behind-the-scenes. Don’t be afraid to a) reach out to other creative people for insight and support and b) use things to help develop what you love into something profitable.

If you like photography, start a website to host your pictures. Invest in a good camera. Take an online editing class. Shadow a professional. There are so many ways you can easily start turning your passion into your power—all without giving up the life and security you currently have.

5. Network and build an audience (even if it’s small at first).

At some point, you’ll have to take a giant leap from believing in your dream to actually pursuing it. If you’re still in the building stages, it’s important to start growing and preparing for where you want to be in the future. That starts with networking.

If you write a piece for a friend, for example, ask that person for a referral or positive review. If you love poetry, start sharing excerpts on your social media pages. These are small examples, but effective examples nonetheless. The sooner you start building the entity you long to have, the sooner it can happen for you. Remember this Kevin Costner quote: If you build it, they will come.

6. Believe in what you have to offer and empower yourself to follow through.

Probably the most important thing for you to learn—creatively, professionally, mentally—is that you have to believe in yourself. Unfortunately, people won’t always support your vision. In fact, sometimes people will even go as far as try to take you down.

It’s crucial to turn away from negativity and understand that you do have something valuable to offer. Don’t be afraid to be the only one who believes.

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