In this episode of VulnerABILITY, Marisa and Abraham dive into how to properly communicate your emotions to your loved ones, in the sense of wanting them to be safe without making it seem you have too tight of a grip on their life. They also discuss proper motivation and where to truly find it, and being happy in the situation your currently in, while also aspiring for more.

When it comes to feeling ‘stagnant,’ this often grows from a place of contentment. In this episode, Marisa and Abe talk about finding and creating happiness, while not letting yourself get ‘stuck.’ They also talk about shifting your mindset to help you lead a more productive life.

When it comes to loving other people, both hosts talk about how to tread carefully in giving advice and love. Although it’s easy to want to ‘coach’ the people you care about into making the right decision, sometimes you have to let them grow their own wings and make their own mistakes.

The big takeaway quote: “Share your experiences in a way that empowers the people you love to make their own decisions.”