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Episode 20 — For The One Who Feels Purposeless

‘Purpose’ is one of those scary words. It’s one of those words we’re conditioned to chase, to try to understand, and to live out in our lives. Yet the idea of being ‘purposeless’ is something so many of us encounter, no matter how hard we search for meaning in our lives. This week’s podcast centers on the search, and is for anyone who’s struggling to find their meaning, or redefine who they are. Continue reading

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Episode 19 — Your Future Is On The Other Side Of Fear

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

This is the message of the latest #VulnerABILITY podcast, Episode 19, where Marisa goes solo and talks a bit about her business journey and struggles along the way. Each and every one of us face fear in some capacity. And if it’s not fear that gets in the way, there’s some sort of roadblock. Whether it’s a relationship and a nervousness surrounding confrontation, or a career and the unwillingness to face the unknown, things stand in our way all the time. It’s not about what those things are, but how we overcome them. Continue reading

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Episode 18 — For Anyone Who Feels Like Giving Up (ft. Abraham Lopez)

This latest episode of the VulnerABILITY Podcast is for anyone who feels like giving up, for anyone facing deep grief, or for anyone at the end of their rope and struggling to hold on. Marisa and Abraham share their personal experiences, anecdotes, and thoughts on ways to move forward, even if it’s only one baby step at a time.

Continue reading

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Episode 17 — How To Know If You Should Stay Or Leave (Ft. Abraham Lopez)

There is a difference between toxic and abusive relationships, and oftentimes that line is clearly drawn. However, when it comes to healthy vs. toxic, noticing and navigating these types of connections is often difficult, as they are more challenging to recognize. In this week’s podcast, Marisa and Abraham dive into difficult relationships, specifically tackling the topic of ‘should you stay or leave.’ Continue reading

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Episode 16 — Empowering Men To Empower Women (ft. Abraham Lopez)

This week Marisa published an article on her blog, Word&Sole, on bettering men in terms of how to support and stand by women, especially in regards to feminism and female empowerment. In this week’s controversial and powerful #VulnerABILITY Podcast, Marisa welcomes back Abraham Lopez to tackle difficult topics of toxic masculinity, sexism, and how men can stand behind and truly be there for the women around them: family members, friends, colleagues, strangers, etc. Continue reading

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Episode 15 — Imperfect IS Perfect (On Self-Love & Self-Growth)

What are you forever in pursuit of? Is it a relationship, that ‘ideal’ sort of love? Is it a promotion or money? Is it fame? Success? Your true self? Having or being the ‘best’?

In this week’s podcast, Marisa gets real about her perfectionism and exactly how she struggles with the endless desire to be the flawless version of herself. She talks about the unrealistic expectations we put upon ourselves and the way that our endless search for more actually pulls us away from experiencing all that is. Continue reading