This week Marisa published an article on her blog, Word&Sole, on bettering men in terms of how to support and empower women, especially in regards to feminism and female empowerment. In this week’s controversial and powerful VulnerABILITY Podcast, host Marisa Donnelly welcomes back guest Abe Lopez to tackle difficult topics of toxic masculinity, sexism, and how men can stand behind and truly be there for the women around them: family members, friends, colleagues, strangers, etc.

empowering men to empower women

It’s important for men and women to join in the larger conversation regarding sexual assault, female empowerment, and the #MeToo movement. In this podcast, Marisa and Abe challenge each other, arguing whose ‘responsibility’ it is to teach the opposite sex about appropriate behavior, as well as ways we can empower one another to be better in relationships, casual flings, and basic interactions. They go back and forth on what toxic masculinity is and how both sexes are involved in changing that narrative.

Ultimately, though, the takeaway is that there needs to be a support—by both of the sexes and for both of the sexes.

This podcast is controversial at times, confusing at others, and most of all raw on topics that tend to be shied away from out of fear. Both hosts welcome comments, feedback, thoughts, and opposing perspectives as we all strive to better this world we live in.