Fearless & Conscious in love

Episode 4 – Fearless & Conscious In Love (ft. Abe Lopez)

What does it mean to be both fearless and conscious in love? In this episode of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, Marisa Donnelly and guest Abe Lopez discuss what it means to have a ‘person,’ and whether the idea of soulmates still exists (and what that really means). They dive into romantic relationships, contemplate the difference between being fearless and foolish in love, and dissect dating standards (and whether we should).

The episode starts off with Abe asking a powerful question: What does it mean to have a ‘person?’ In my opinion, this is a timeless question. People are always searching for ‘the one.’ But does he or she exist?

This podcast asks that question (in the sense of both romantic and platonic). Both Abe and I share about special friends and family members and the roles they’ve played. We discuss what makes someone your ‘person’ or ‘other half’ and whether those terms are silly or even relevant.

We also talk about being fearless (not foolish) and being guided by both your heart and your head. Rather than jumping into love without hesitation, we decide that it’s good to jump. But it’s equally good to be smart about your jump, too.

Highlights From the Episode:

[1:10] “A ‘person’ is someone, who, at the end of the day, you’re going to rely on, you’re going to trust in. They have your back [and] you have theirs.”

[2:15] “Your person doesn’t have to be someone that you’re romantically involved with.”

[8:35] “I thought I was in love with someone, but maybe I was just in love with the idea of what we could be.”

[11:45] “Real love is found when we realize when we’re whole and complete beings searching for people who make us even fuller versions of ourselves.”

[11:50] “This notion that we’re somehow incomplete without love is so damaging because it makes us feel as if our lives are meant to be in pursuit of finding someone else to fill us. And the truth is, we are already full.”

[12:10] “We think we need love to figure out who we are when in reality, life is about going through things to figure out who we are.”

[33:20] “There’s no perfect person. We’re not perfect either. So, instead of having this idea of, ‘This is what it’s going to be like,’ we can just be excited about the possibility of meeting someone who’s heart beats with ours and who we can go with the mess of life together [with].”

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