After a short leave of absence, host Marisa Donnelly is back with Episode 21 of the VulnerABILITY Podcast that that speaks so much truth to each of our journeys. On the topic of ‘finding balance,’ she talks about what that truly means and looks like, and how everyone—regardless of their age, background, story, or status is in search of this sense of peace.

Balance, Marisa says, is not about being still or stagnant, but about finding a sense of peace, even in the chaos. “Nobody really has a balanced life,” she says, “We think that there’s this perfect place we will reach if we just do ‘enough’ or if we just do the ‘right thing.'” In reality, though, balance is something we all are forever chasing.

She goes on to talk about her personal and business journeys, and speaks to ‘Tidying Up’ (the book by Marie Kondō) and how learning to ‘declutter’ your life from things that don’t bring you joy or peace can be essential to finding your own sense of balance.

This long-awaited podcast is something everyone can relate to in personal and professional journeys. A standout quote:

Episode 21 #VulnerABILITYPodcast finding balance

“Finding balance is about learning to appreciate the good and the bad. It’s about accepting that life is forever going to be off-balance because it’s forever moving. Nothing ever sits still. By all means pursue this balance, but understand that you’re human and it’s inevitable that you’re going to be out of balance. What really matters is that you continue and that you choose to seek out and build your own peace and contentment.

Because balance isn’t something you can ‘get,’ but something that you foster within yourself and all around you.”